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It was another “whoosh” day from the time I arrived at my office with all my little errands to run including the placing of my tent open house signs out at the corners of several busy streets. I also managed to get some additional desk work completed before I had to head out to my open house over at 12 S. Willowgreen Court on a day where the weather couldn’t have been more pleasant with our bright sun shining and cooler temps.

Having not spoken with a well-known for over a month, I placed a call to him just to see how he was doing along with giving him an update on recent events here in our City.
During our conversation I mentioned how angry I’ve been over those wicked deer eating on, as well as destroying my specialty tomatoes and peppers. Not to my surprise, he said that he’d done a little research and discovered that just after the Great Depression it was estimated that there were around 200,000 White Tailed Deer in our Country, which live in every State with the exception of the arid regions of our Southwest. I was horrified when he said their estimated numbers are now 33 million and counting.

After hearing that, I’m going to be encouraging as many people as possible to start writing letters to our State Representatives and Senators and demanding we get some laws changed to where there’d be an open season on those devils until their numbers are greatly diminished because most people don’t realize that young does can get pregnant with her first ones long before being even a year old, and after their first, nearly all births thereafter during their normal life spans would be two and sometimes even three. When you start counting the increasing numbers of them year-over-year, that’s exactly how we managed to have so many of them now living in our State creating even more paths of destruction. I’m not so sure when those estimates were released, but if they were a year or two ago, I’m sure their population is now nearing 50 million.

There is absolutely no reason for the citizens of every city and town in this State to be tormented by those Chernobyl jack rabbits. Nobody wants to talk about the millions of dollars of damage they do to crops, trees, shrubs, and flowers, and I do know for a fact that deer repellant and netting will not stop them because they’re continuing to learn and adapt to our ways, and just wait until the insurance companies climb on board.

Another problem of less magnitude are all these larger sub-species of Canada geese we have living here which will not fly South like their cousins. Of course people love taking loaves of bread over to East Park to feed them, but let them be the ones living on the shorelines of these rivers, creeks, and man-made lakes we have in North Iowa, and you can bet they’d be using curse words a-many when having to go out and hose-down all the poo they’ve left during and after munching away at the owners’ manicured lawns. I’ve seen with my own eyes the slippery and slimy mess they make.

It seems most think it’s OK for Nature to be visiting us at our doorsteps, yet on the contrary we’re just allowing them to adapt to life in the City. If only the many homeowners in this City only knew how many raccoons are living in the attics of houses, garages, storage sheds, and storm sewers, they’d be screaming, “Get rid of them!” Oh and I can tell you, the damage they do is frightening, and their dirty habit of defecating in the areas where they sleep, create even bigger and longer-lasting problems. I’m now wishing we had a good number of the bigger hawks and owls to cull the numbers of squirrels we have running around, and yes, they love getting into house attics and garages as well.

What I’m finding all the more interesting when thinking back when I was young where there weren’t any noticeable numbers of squirrels, raccoons, or deer living in or near our City, and if you wanted to get a glimpse of one, you’d have to go out into the wooded areas of our countryside.

Way back when I was young, one of our neighbors raised coon hounds, and whenever that guy wanted to take them hunting, he’d have to go plenty far out of town from where they lived so to get them fully trained. In these times, that’s all you’d have to do is open a storm sewer manhole and hoist a few down with headlights strapped to their heads, and for sure you’d be hearing the howling of those dogs coming from nearly every street corner containing a storm sewer inlet. Wouldn’t it be a hoot seeing a bunch of coons and opossums scurrying up out of storm sewers in broad daylight just so to be out of reach of a pack of killer coon hounds? Now that would be worthy of a Youtube video.

My public open house at 12 S. Willowgreen Court went quite well today to where I’m of the mindset there’ll be a solid buyer on the arrival. Each person in attendance was amazed by its new high-end kitchen along with the close proximity of the pool from the back deck. I did have an opportunity to visit with the next door neighbor who happens to own the Willow Run out on our Westside.

While visiting with him, I asked how business has been and he said for the most part it’s been much better than it was earlier this summer which I was glad to hear. He did say they’ve been making changes which helped bring in more business, and from what I’ve heard, their tacos are worth the drive. I did tell him I’d be stopping out there some time soon if and when I have another afternoon appointment out west. I’ve known his family for a number of years and just the few times I’ve talked to him, I’m sure his personality has much to do with his successful business. I did mention how disappointed I was over that taco salad I had at The Happy Donkey this past week, which came as no surprise to him because after reading the article published in the Globe, he didn’t think it would make a go of it in our Downtown. Oh well, I still wish the best for The Happy Donkey.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Every one goes astray, but the least imprudent repent the soonest.

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