The Most Delicate

My arrival at the office was about an hour earlier than normal, and when driving in the Downtown, I couldn’t help noticing all the back-packers and dumpster divers doing their early morning routines. Every time I see someone in a dumpster, I’m reminded of the time my sister and I were visiting the Baltic countries about 25 years ago, and while waiting at a bus stop, we happened to notice what looked like a husband and wife dumpster-diving, and my initial reaction being one of sadness and pity for those poor people because I’d never seen such before, and to think a quarter century later, we have it even worse here in the United States. Never in a million years would I have ever expected to see such things happening in our very own Midwestern town. Keep in mind, those Baltic countries had just come out from under the yoke of communism and noticeably backward in some respects as to our way of life.

I give the greatest amount of credit to those three countries on the way in which they’ve brought themselves up to an even greater degree than most would’ve ever expected. Just if you didn’t know, the three main Baltic countries are Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. If you’d have time to do a little research on those three little countries, you’ll find they’re now part of the European Union, very tech friendly, and still working at bettering their lives. I’m now wondering if they still have people dumpster diving in their big cities. I did hear recently that Estonia is on the cutting-edge of making their country as paperless as possible. I also know that Putin continues to salivate over not having control of those countries because he’s still delusional over thinking he’s going to restore the glory of the communist empire which was created by Stalin The Evil after WWII. Putin’s another one who’s got some serious mental issues. I read once what type of psychological problem he has, and unfortunately I can’t remember its name, but he does have it.

It looks like I’m going to be a busy little bee tomorrow with showings in the morning, my public open house in the afternoon, and then another showing after that. As much as I didn’t want to work real estate on Sunday, I already have an afternoon showing scheduled at the Raven Ave. acreage in Northwood. As I told one of my friends today, I just have to keep working at bringing in the sales this year because the competition has been brutal, and thank goodness I still have my core loyal and faithful clients and customers. They may think I’m just being unctuous whenever thanking them, but it’s the absolute truth.

Since I’ve still been in the mood, I took another box of stuff over to my friends house this afternoon, and one of those items brought back memories from when we were children. It’s a good thing they were still in very good shape to where if they were washed, they’d look like new.

Somehow we got on the subject of people who are always dis-agreeing with something we would say, and subsequently informed it’s also a psychological problem that has its own medical terminology. I can think of a handful of people I know who must be suffering from it, and there just happens to be one from it in our community who has it along with being known by many, and the few times I had to deal with that person, I quickly discovered that if the idea wasn’t coming from that person’s mouth, it would be a knee-jerk “No”. My thoughts were confirmed when sharing mental notes with others who’ve had similar dealings with that particular person.

While trying to sweep the front sidewalk of my office this morning, I was internally cursing Country Landscapes for the slip-shod work they did on replacing those original pavers they never should’ve installed in the first place. A person almost needs a commercial vacuum to get the dirt and sand out of those cracks. As chance would have it, I noticed one of their supervisors at a groceteria today who just happened to be driving a slick high-end Chevy pickup truck, and likely the money we wasted on those pavers must’ve helped him buy it. All the while she’s sharpening her claws, there’s no question Karma is still watching and waiting for her opportunity to settle some scores.

When looking at the reported sales for this week, it was just another confirmation how insane this market is getting to where the buyers must be heavily under peer pressure or being caught up with monkey see, and monkey do mindsets. I’m sure you’ve seen it a hundred times were if a momentum gets started on something, it becomes almost exponential in growth. Just think about all the crazes that have taken place over these last 20 years which are now near-completely out of favor.

I read an article on BBC Online News today which was very interesting as well as being a confirmation of my suspicions regarding people moving out of their metro areas and into more rural settings. I was shocked to see how the percentages have grown with those seeking-out and buying far away from their metro areas. They’re also wanting to get closer to nature where they can have gardens, a few chickens if they’re allowed, and beginning to take up hobbies that are domestically related like cooking, sewing, knitting, woodworking and so on. It sounds like many are headed back to the simpler past our grandparents talked about. Good for them but I hope they know it’ll be a trial and error.

I stopped over to check on those tomatoes and peppers, and wouldn’t you know, those evil rabbits weren’t the least bit repelled by that spray I used yesterday. You have no idea how angry I was when seeing those devils having eaten off all the stems and leaves of the pepper plants to where they now look like miniature trees with broad canopies. I guess as a last resort I’ll be busy installing a chicken-wire fence around them this weekend. I internally seethe whenever seeing such hard work being done for naught.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Great is our admiration of the orator who speaks with fluency while holding fast the most delicate of discretions.

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