Dumpster-diving Dummies

Another early morning started when I arrived at my office before sunrise just so I could get some work done on files, and then head out to make sure my open house signs were still in position because there have been times when people have tipped over or run off with one of them. All was good so I headed back to the office.

On my way back, I made a stop at my private garden to check on the tomatoes and peppers which are looking to be the finest of specimens.  I took several photos of them with my cell phone and forwarded them to a dear one who’s very much into gardening.  It wasn’t but five minutes later I got a call from her saying how jealous she is because she’s been having more than her share of troubles with her own summer garden.  Seems she’s got many more varmints going after her fruits and vegetables than we have, but none of them the size of those vile herds of deer running around our City.

When I got back to my office, I decided to go and get my handy step ladder and wash the last set of interior windows which are very tall and wide.  Oh how much brighter the room looked after those windows returned to being squeaky clean.  You wouldn’t think interior windows ever get dirty but they do.  They always seem to get a very thin film on them which is only noticeable when the sun is shining thru.  Because I’ve never cooked in my office, I resigned myself to believe it’s all those “invisible” particles of dirt which are continually airborne, and over time, they build up on all surfaces and only noticeable on glass that has sun shining thru it.

I finally received word on the very good offer I had on a property, and disappointed to hear that my buyers were beat-out by one of the four offers on the table.  I wasn’t happy about having to call the buyers and tell them, but fortunately they knew there’d be a possibility of another buyer getting crazy and offering far over asking price.  After that happening, I’m changing my description of our market from being crazy to downright bizarre because that home was in need of at least $25,000 in cosmetic updates, yet still being a small mid-century ranch with a single attached garage.  Very bizarre.

A tenant of one of my clients called and asked about a home our office has listed, and unfortunately I had to tell him it was already sold.  At least I now know that he and his wife will be looking for a home after their lease is up.  Of course they’re young and chomping at the bit to have something they can call their own, but if I were them, I wouldn’t be in any great hurry to buy until this market settles down.

I’ll certainly not want to see the look on the faces of those poor devils who purchased many thousands over current assessed value, because our “grim-reaping” City Assessor will be jacking their assessments up more sooner than later, just so to increase our City’s tax revenues so they’ll have all the more to willfully waste.  That dirty old mentality of “If it’s there, let’s spend it.” which most City, County, State, and Federal governments subscribe to, is still very much alive and well.  You would think they’d be a little more fiscally conservative, but since they didn’t work for it, why should they care?  Right?

My public house over at 902 – 1st St. SE was not at all a success, which has me near fit to be tied it hasn’t sold.  We’ve had several ridiculous offers on it, but couldn’t seem to get together on price and terms.  I’m of the belief the number of young buyers out there wanting to start with “blank canvases” are becoming fewer and farther between.  The mentality of making cosmetic changes of one’s own design is out the window, and what scares me the most, is that they’re losing their mental abilities to visualize something beyond what they’re looking at.  Thank goodness I still possess vision.

I met with the owner of 12 S. Willowgreen Court today so I could get another price reduction signed.  That townhouse is now at a ridiculously low price of $162,000.00 and it had darned better be under contract because that’s one heck of a price considering all its amenities, and especially that nearly brand new custom-designed kitchen it offers which had to cost upwards of $20K.  Please help me get it sold.

While at my open house today, I was reading an article written by a sociologist of sorts who spoke about how much more technologically advanced our society has become, but also growing noticeably superficial where most don’t dig below the surface of problems and look for core reasons people say and do things that would’ve never in the past been considered acceptable.  What I find even more troubling, are all more in our world laking profundity which again is likely due to all the social media posts that are in faces of millions which give no incentive for discernment because it’s already there.  Why bother to create for ourselves because it’s already been done for us?  Which leads us to even more troubling outcomes where we no longer have to think because it has already been done for us.  Too scary for me to even think about.

After my public open house, I headed off to 115 S. Connecticut to meet with some prospective buyers who’d called on it earlier today.  They seemed to like it, and hopefully they’ll call for a second showing.  As chance would have it, they purchased their current home which I had listed some years ago thru another Realtor, and since I know it, there’s no question it would sell in these times because of its amenities and location.  Thank goodness they both have the desire to live in a turn-of-the-century classic.  Hooray for them.

I’m sure by now you’re all wondering about the above photo. Well, when I came back to my office after checking on signs, I decided to park in the back, and wouldn’t you know, the first thing that caught my eye were those two mannequin heads which must’ve come from La James.  At first glance I believed them to be several of their students, but in the end, they were nothing more than dumpster-diving dummies.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  No one has the right to feel sorry for themselves for misfortunes that strike everyone.

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