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I had to be at my office early enough today to get in touch with the seller on one of my listings we’ve been negotiating, just so we would have time to visit before she went to work. She made another counter-offer back to the buyers, and fortunately they took it, so it looks like we have yet one more office listing under contract which means I’m going to have to work diligently on getting more homes listed in this sellers market.

Another offer came in late this afternoon on another one of my listings, but I don’t think it’ll come together due to the type of loan the buyer is approved for, so in the spirit of wanting it sold, I encouraged the agent to have her buyer seek other avenues of financing. We’ll see what happens tomorrow.

Both of my closings went smoothly today, and glad for it because in these turbulent times, you never know what’s going to happen as a closing date draws near, and you can be sure I was wearing my face mask during both of them today. I’ve considered myself fortunate thus far in that there haven’t been any of my transactions fall at the last minute because of someone having lost their job due to the growing economic crisis we’re now in which is compliments of the China-virus.

Just before closing time, I looked at the sales that were reported, and just about fell off my chair when seeing three of them selling for asking price with no seller’s concessions. Another one went over asking with no seller contributions which tells me that our market prices will be stepping up again.

Irregardless of how low the monthly payments are on 30 year loans due to the exceptionally low interest rates being offered, there are still those huge mortgage balances which will not go away until they’re paid off. As much as I’ve been harping about it, the buyers are still out there getting themselves deeply plugged-in.

I would love to be a mouse in the corner of a loan originator’s office while visiting with prospective home buyers. There’s no doubt in my mind they only speak of what their monthly payments would be in certain price tiers. You can be sure they’re not wagging their finger at them saying, “Now just remember, it’ll take 30 years to get that loan paid off.” Not a chance because most corporate bank loan originators work partially on commission and we all know the opportunities there are for added financial gain.

With several free hours this afternoon, I took a quick trip out to the landfill with a load of discarded materials from a project I’m working on, and once again, I was in absolute shock when seeing how many of those seagull-looking birds there are out there. After getting a good look, there’s no question there were thousands of them out there today.

While driving back, I came to the conclusion that our society wastes far too much food, and does nothing to limit what goes out in the weekly trash which subsequently ends up in our landfill. Now if all the more people would get into gardening and purchase a compost drum for all their yard and table waste, we’d have far less being piled on those mounds of garbage. I’m afraid by the time people realize how bad such willful waste is for our environment, it’ll be too late.

Just this past week, I’ve been watching some late-night PBS shows which are normally centered around how our environment is changing, along with the permanent damage which has been so greedily and ignorantly done. I fully understand needy, but never greedy because such singular mindsets are usually those creating the biggest footprints.

On a lighter note, I wanted to mention how well those two Plumerias a dear one sent me are doing. I thought for sure they weren’t going to make it, but now near miraculously growing as if they’d been in their pots for months. They’re almost to the stage where I’ll be taking them to my office and stationing them in my front window. I was told that their flowers are exceptionally aromatic, while having been informed that in the tropical regions, they can get at big as a small tree, and you can bet I’ll not let that happen.

I have a very early appointment at my office tomorrow morning, and when finished, I’ll be changing my clothes and working on a recent project I started. Hopefully it won’t be so hot because the work will be tedious enough without my getting soaked with perspiration. Since it’s work I have to do outside, I really want to get it done before the cold returns.

My afternoon open house over at 114 – 11th St. NE has been posted everywhere online, so I’m hoping a buyer shows up who can see the intrinsic value of that home. Unfortunately most of the young buyers are hell-bent on buying HDTV lipsticked pigs instead of solid homes in need of cosmetics. Such mindsets are bordering on being shameful because just today there was a home that went for over asking price which was “tricked-out” and lipsticked, but far inferior quality of construction, yet sold for more than what we’re asking for 114 – 11th St. NE. This is how crazy the cravings are of our many young has become, and I’m not seeing an end to it. You can bet that new owner is going to be sorry for paying so much when discovering how poorly it was built. I used to think there was a sucker born every minute, but I think now it’s every split second.

I had a great compliment paid me today which I took to heart because a professional I’ve worked with for a number of years, mentioned how much he enjoys our random conversations. Since knowing him as long as I have, that was one heck of a “like”.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Nothing is more unreliable that the populous, more obscure than human intentions, and more deceptive than the whole electoral system.

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