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The rain that was expected today, only came in sprinkles, which was fine by me considering the amount we received on Saturday afternoon. I’m still reeling from the horrendous tree damage done from that straight-line wind accompanying it.

Most of my morning was swallowed up with working on files and running more errands. I would say the average person has no idea of all the time a Realtor spends on a given listing and subsequent closing file, and all the more proof being when some years ago, I decided to special order more durable file folders because oft times they’d be tattered and even sometimes torn by the time they were ready to be filed away. Whenever having to go back and dig out an old file, I’m quickly reminded how much more durable my news ones are.

More often than not, there always seems to be call-backs from other agents who’ve either sold one of my listings, or visa-versa, requesting copies of documents I know fully-well they’d already been supplied. It really makes me wonder how careless some are with their filing and retention systems. It can be more than irritating at times, but I just send it down and move on instead of insisting otherwise.

The contractors must be in high gear this week because I’ve called several more than once, and still no return calls. As I’ve said before, there needs to be additional competition and certainly more fair pricing because there are those I’d never call to do work for me after their having gouged me on prices and workmanship, and now glad there’s a growing network of our residents who freely share the unfortunate experiences they’ve had, which gives us one good thing that’s come out of the online medias.

I had a nice little chat today with a gentleman who’s been looking at purchasing a new home, and the bulk of my conversation was about how much more the younger crowd should be focusing on the basics of the homes they’re looking at, instead of all the weak cosmetic improvements which are sometimes hiding more costly repairs and replacements.

One of the homes I used as an example, is my listing over at 114 – 11th St. NE which I’ll be hosting open Saturday morning. I pointed out it having a near new furnace and central air, a newer roof, and updated wiring which are three very big ticket items. I went on to mention that it has a poured concrete foundation that’s in great condition, and there being no rolly-polly humps and bumps in the floors which tells me the home is still standing solid, which one can’t say to be true about the one that’s priced much higher down the street, and you can be sure it has some serious structural issues, along with an old furnace and upstairs floors which are definitely not level. I’d take 114 – 11th NE in a heartbeat before even thinking about taking on that old girl down the street.

I was glad to hear that the home across the street finally sold to what appears to be an owner-occupant, and thankful he’s not a slumlord. The neighbors said the new owner must be living out of the camper that’s parked in the driveway, and when I went over to place my open house sign this morning, sure enough, there’s a big camper parked there. I hope the new owner is going to be able to get that gutted home livable before winter hits, and the first thing he’d better do, is get it buttoned-up because the “freeze” that’s 90 days away. Let’s hope the improvements he’ll make will compliment the neighborhood.

When visiting with a professional from Des Moines today and talking about the China-virus, she mentioned that just recently, a research doctor of many years told her several weeks ago that there’s going to be another virus on its way which is also going to be wicked, and what she told me, is that it’s going to attack our gastrointestinal systems. As much as I’ve been trying to keep up with this pandemic, I’ve yet to hear anything about it. Before sharing her news, she insisted the person telling her definitely knows his stuff.

Aren’t these spiking cases enough to make you go crazy with concern? When looking at today’s numbers, our County is now riding the bar of 350 confirmed cases, and I also read that there are countries all over the world that are going back to lock-downs because of resurgence. Here we are already over six months out from the initial spread of that wicked virus, and the numbers of infected along with the death rates are still climbing. I’m now beginning to see some real psychological side-effects taking place with some of our residents which I also find deeply troubling.

I’ll be listing a home tomorrow afternoon which I went and previewed today, and after getting a good look at it, I can say it’ll be a perfect fit for someone in need of everything all on one floor. What makes it a cut above the rest, is that it offers a master bath, main floor laundry, and a privacy-fenced rear yard that backs up to a green area. There’s no question it’ll likely sell to a senior who’s looking for zero-entry living. I couldn’t have praised the owner enough for the great job done. I should have it posted everywhere before tomorrow’s sunset.

These coming weeks, I may be turning my lunch hour into a brown-bagger at a dear one’s home which has some backyard raised flower beds in great need of weeding and removal of volunteer tree seedlings. I told him I would always text before I head over, but he continued to insist it wasn’t necessary. Irregardless of his demands, I will be notifying him. Since his home isn’t that far from my office, it’ll only take me five minutes to get there. I think it’ll be a good way for me to get my mind freed from all our growing troubles.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Frequent and loud laughter is the characteristic of folly and ill manners.

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