Mock Orange

The rain came earlier than expected today, but at least it wasn’t so bad during my open house times, because as chance would have it, the rain came down the most during my one hour break between the two of them.

I got up and out early again today because of some much-needed yard work I wanted to get done before the rain arrived. I knew I wouldn’t have time to get everything mowed, but at least over two-thirds is now finished for another week. I appreciate the rain, but this weekly mowing has kept me hopping.

My public open house over at 12 S. Willowgreen Court went very well, and I’d say it was the best turn-out thus far since the China-virus arrived. Some arrivals were wearing masks, and I mentioned to all of them that I’m very much into the social distancing which I believe to be one of the key ingredients to staying corona-free.

Since my last open house, I did notice two over-grown evergreen shrubs had been removed, which has now given the front of the unit a much cleaner look. I’m very much a proponent of growing trees, shrubs, and plants, but when they’re not kept in check by trimming and training, they become bothersome and unsightly.

I think we’re supposed to have an arborist of sorts taking care of the trees on our City’s boulevards and public areas, but I can’t understand why there are so many that aren’t getting their canopies raised. Those low-hanging branches are just asking for accidents because from not so far a distance, a person cannot see a stop sign due to those low-hangers. If my memory serves me, there was a gentleman who worked for the City a very many years ago, and his main job was the maintenance of our trees and shrubs.  It’s been so long that I can’t for sure remember his name, but possibly Jerry Wymore.

My second open house at 721 N. Delaware was a complete failure due to there not being one person showing up, so this coming Monday, I’ll have to get in touch with the owners to see if they’re ready to do a drastic price reduction, just so we can get it sold.

It’s just another confirmation of how so many young buyers refuse to do even one thing in a home, and that includes the cosmetic “lip-sticking”. That home has had a great deal of big ticket improvements done on it which includes a new kitchen, a newer furnace and central air, permanent siding, newer thermal tilt-in windows, a newer double garage, and much more. You couldn’t rent that home as cheap as its mortgage payments would be, and especially how low the interest rates are right now. If the sellers do get the price on it deeply reduced, you can bet I’ll be on a burn to get it sold. Believe it or not, the bedrooms on the second floor have nine foot ceilings. Wow!

Speaking of ceilings, I really don’t care that much for ceilings any taller than ten feet, because whenever they’re taller than that, there’s that theatre effect which is annoying to the senses. If I had to choose a given height, I’d go with nine and half foot ceilings on both the main and second floors, and if I couldn’t have them that tall on the main, I’d do everything I could to have them on the second, because I believe people sleep better in rooms with taller ceilings. In the very old days, people believed having taller ceilings was better for one’s health because all the “bad air” lingered up toward the ceiling.  It would be interesting to see if there’s ever been a study done on the health benefits of taller ceilings.

For sure Queen Elizabeth II spends her sleeping hours in bedrooms with tall ceilings, and I’d say she’s doing darned good for her age. To this day, I still can’t believe how much she resembles my deceased mother. I’ll never forget the time when I was very young and watching on our black and white television, some sort of British celebration, and when seeing Queen Elizabeth II for the first time, I was shocked by her resemblance to my mother’s to where I went running into the kitchen and insisting she come look at the woman she looked like. After one glance, she dismissed such an idea by saying, “I don’t look like her.”, and walked off. Well, I think if my mother were dressed in a flowing gown and adorned with all the Queen’s regalia, she would’ve looked in the mirror and said, “Well, maybe a little bit.” Too funny.

Since it’s been so long ago, and chucklesome to now speak about, there’ve been more than one instance where a client or customer would say something like, “Did anyone ever tell you how much you look like Prince Charles?” Whenever such a question was posed, I’d usually bristle because my vanity would kick in, and dismiss such thoughts because I believed at the time, me being better looking than him. There’s a relatively major actor that is also a “supposed” look-alike, but I can’t at this moment remember his name. Now I’d accept that comparison because he’s better looking than Charles.

After my public open house, I returned to my office, changed into my work clothes, and then went over to my little/big project and worked for several hours. It’s almost finished, and looking so much better than I would’ve ever imagined when I first buried myself into that daunting task of resurrecting a neglected old beauty. I may have a few tears of joy after giving it my final good looking-over after it’s completely finished. I already have my list of my “favorites” I’ll be calling to come and have a look. I’m even making sure those I want to see it, are going to be available for my one day showing. I may even be serving something freshly backed with light refreshments.

I couldn’t help stopping to take the above photo of a gorgeous mock orange in bloom, and for sure a got myself some really good sniffs. What a wonderful scent they have!

Tonight’s one-liner is: Every family has an opportunity to be royal in their own right.

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