Sixty Wind Turbines

As close as we’re getting to the longest day of the year which is our Summer Solstice, my day started shortly after the sun came up which was around 5:00 am. For a very many years, the sun has always had the ability to wake me up, and during long days like these, it can be a bit too early to rise, so I just do a little more closed-eye resting, and then finally crawl out of bed.

Since it was Sunday morning, my first duty of the day, was to go to my little darkened corner for some much-needed contemplative reflection and prayer. While visiting with a dear one, I mentioned how much more spiritually helpful those sessions have been for me, along with encouraging her to give it a try. I did advise her that she has to find a place where it’s quiet and enough darkened, along with making certain it’s in a place and time where she’d not be interrupted. I also suggested she find a comfortable chair or chaise lounge to seat herself, just so there’d not be any distractions from a discomfort.

The only reason I brought it up with her, is that she’s finding herself getting far too busy every day to where she’s almost forgotten how to relax. Of course being overly burdened, creates stress which is not at all good for one’s mind, body, or soul. I’ve also found that stress causes people to do things they later regret. Just think of the many pressure sales people there are who stress people out to the point where they buy things they wished they hadn’t. That’s why I’ve always been very careful not to push buyers and sellers into making decisions. As far as I’m concerned, fully informed buyers and sellers are the easiest to work with, and the more we help educate them to the ways of buying and selling real estate, the better decisions they end up making.

My first early appointment was to show that acreage up in Worth County for the second time. It was another fun drive, and glad it was Sunday because the highways were nearly traffic-free. I left early enough, just so I’d have enough time to take a photo of something if I thought being worth sharing. I did manage to get a few good shots before arrival, and tonight’s photo is the one I thought best to share.

Believe it or not, the above photo contains over 60 wind turbines, and if you don’t believe me, start counting. I did a quick count, and if you should find one or two more I missed, then good for you.

I never really paid that much attention to the numbers I see dotting the countryside of North Iowa, but after tonight’s count, you can bet I’m starting to believe there are getting to be too many of them in North Iowa. To think one shot of my camera picked up sixty of them. Good Heavens! Keep in mind, those are the big dogs that can’t seem to get any bigger. It’s no wonder there are all the fewer homesteads in and around sections of our counties. I sure wouldn’t want one of those monsters outside my back door.

Just when those wind turbines first started sprouting out of the ground, I was called up to an acreage in Worth County by a young couple whom I’d never met, just to ask my opinion on the value of their charming little acreage just after there was a smaller than today’s turbine, installed at a not so very far distance from their home.

I felt very sorry for them, because I was quickly brought up to speed on how annoying that whooshing sound and clockwork shadows were for them. They insisted it affected their children more than it did them, and somehow caused curious sleep disruptions with their entire family. All I could do, was wish them well after giving my nickel opinion on what negative impact that turbine would create on the long-term value of their home.

There are three parts to long-term value of acreages, and they are as follows: Firstly, most acreage buyers want peace and quiet, secondly, they want no close neighbors, and thirdly, as little gravel as possible. I’d say a mile of good gravel is stretching it, and the less there is, the more the homestead is worth. It’s a crap-shoot over this business of gravel versus hard surface, because if there’s hard surface, that means more traffic, so the best of the best spots, is an acreage located on hard surface with a very long driveway to the building/home site.

I can count in my mind, the number of long-driveway acreages I’ve made mental notes of, and just today, I did another “rubber-neck” while driving by a familiar. Each time I notice it, I’m amazed at how far that house is off the blacktop, along with being a little envious. On the flip-side, I’d hate to be the one doing the snow removal on that long noodle. I think it’s now appropriate I add my little saying, “Every rose has its thorns.”

The rest of my day was a grueling one with all the extra yard and garden work I had to do. I couldn’t believe I was out in that windy sun for over five hours, but when seeing how sunburned by face had become, I guess that was my “lobster-face” confirmation. Oh well, I did get nearly everything I wanted get finished, so that’s all that mattered.

When I got back to my office, I checked my email and found that I’d received two offers on my new listing at 1704 S. Pennsylvania from separate offices. Since the seller lives very far away, I emailed both of those agents and told them to contact their buyers, and ask them to go their highest and best because I’d received multiple offers on it.

It came as no surprise I have offers on it so soon, because that home has “diamond in the rough” written all over it, and especially because of its location. Remember my saying, “The three most important re-sale features of homes are location, location, and location.”

Tonight’s one-liner is: A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind, while refusing after much encouragement, to change the subject.

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