Their Comeuppance

Another gray day arrived and went, but it appears higher temps and sunshine are in the offing tomorrow. When looking at the rest of our week’s forecast, we’ll be back on a warming trend, and likely far enough into the growing season where people can start planting their tomatoes and peppers outdoors without being fearful of overnight frosts.

My first out of the office appointment today, was to look at a home which a seller is planning on selling, and the reason I went out there, was to get a good look at it, for possibly being something one of my clients would be interested in. After getting a good look, I was reminded how so many tenants in these times, have little or no concern over how they leave a home they’ve been renting. Once again, I blame much of such behavior on drugs, drinking, and poor upbringing. There were too many times in years gone by where I’d see how little guidance parents were giving their children, and now, they’re adults with their own children, which too often appear at a distance, as the blind leading the blind. I will never be thankful enough to my parents, as well as my grandparents for giving me the guidance they did during my formative years.

While out at that home, the gentleman who was giving me the tour, mentioned something about a house nearby which was nearly completely stripped bare of all its components, including the furnace and wiring. I shook my head in disbelief by saying, “For as long as I live, I’ll never understand why dark-minded people go to such efforts by stealing things in the middle of the night, and under risk of arrest for the theft of things that aren’t that valuable, when they could rather be working at stable jobs with benefits and futures.”

I’ve personally seen some pretty nasty looking break-ins and tear-outs in my day, and whenever seeing such willful destructions, bolts of fury run thru me. Yes, there are desperate and evil forces in our community which use the dark of night to carry out their acts of thievery and destruction. But as we all know, sooner or later, they all get their comeuppance. There’s one evil monkey whom I’d crossed paths with who thought he was above capture, but he also got nailed for attempting to steal from a company which had an exceptionally sophisticated surveillance system in place. I’m hoping he’s still in the hoosegow, because that’s where he should remain for the remainder of his days.

My mid-morning appointment was to open up two of the units over at Prairie Place on 1st for another Realtor and his buyers. I made sure to block out a good two hours of my time because it normally takes about an hour and a half to give a buyer the full tour, and by the time I finished today, it was no exception.

Judging by the reaction of the group, and due to all the extra questions they’d asked, I’d say there was more than a mild interest in a particular unit. Thankfully, a resident owner was walking down the hall who knew one of the buyers, and went on to prolifically share how much she enjoyed living there. The agent teasingly accused me of having her “planted” there at an appropriate time, just so his buyers would hear her testimonial. Of course I wouldn’t have done such a thing under any circumstances.

Most of my afternoon was spent doing research on three different properties, and the first one being an absolute waste of my time, because a request of value I was emailed by a certain office, which I’d already supplied to them last year, wasn’t at all needed because the owner of that home, had already sold it almost two months ago. All I did was print out copies of the recorded transfer documents, and with a cover letter, scanned and emailed them to that woman’s office. I couldn’t help wondering how poorly run such and establishment must be when asking for something so irrelevant.

Another research item, was to gather as much information on a rental for a prospective buyer, and get them emailed out, which will not happen until I get some additional information from the owner. Just as I mentioned to a colleague yesterday, “Too many people get their carts before their horses by asking for such stuff before they’ve even personally inspected properties.” I sure wouldn’t want to be over-loaded with information on something I had no interest in after having a good look at a structure.

My last, and longest research project, was to get as much of a feel for a particular home’s value, because if the owner does sell it, he wants it sold quickly without feeling as though he’d left money on the table by selling it too cheap. After getting myself comfortable with the recent sales of similar homes, I placed a call to him and went over what I believed were his best options. Fortunately he agreed with my thoughts on the direction I’d be taking if I were him, so it looks like he’s going to move forward with getting it prepped for our market.

I had to make a quick stop at a store out in Regency, and couldn’t help noticing how unkempt some of the residential yards were that run parallel to S. Illinois. I hope this isn’t going to be another one of those years where homeowners aren’t taking care of their lawns, because it’s bad enough seeing such sights in and around our Downtown, and all the worse when getting glimpses of it in our more sought-after districts. Like I’ve said to all the many, there’s no place in this City a person can live, where they’re fully insulated against blight and crime, because it can be infectious in all our districts.

While I was doing my research on this past year’s sales, I noticed one of our not-so-exalted rental barons had purchased more properties these past twelve months. There are no words that come to mind which fully represent my feelings about the way in which our City is slowing turning into something unrecognizable. It saddens me terribly when knowing there are copycats on similar paths in our bloated tribal-like village.

Tonight’s one-liner is: You must look into people, as well as at them.

Joe Chodur

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