I’d Dance with the Devil

Today was certainly a busy one with my early morning showing of an absolutely beautiful home which I managed to get under contract yesterday. The buyers wanted to take another look at it, so I more than willingly obliged them. I got there a bit early so I would have all the lights turned on, and since they were familiar with the home, I pretty much stayed at the sidelines while they got a closer look at their new home. When we went outdoors, I was continually being “wowed” by its exceptionally private rear yard. As we were walking out, I said, “I’m not a jealous person, but I can say I’ll be envious of you living here, but always in a positive way.”

Since that showing took longer than expected, I hurried back to my office and grabbed my open house flyers and headed out to 15 Farmstead Square. Luckily I got there in just enough time to have all the doors unlocked and lights turned on. I had a good turnout, but not as many as I was expecting, considering I’d just listed it on Thursday. I’m just hoping our market isn’t going to start slowing down once June arrives, and even more worrisome that we’re going to have a major outbreak of the China-virus in North Iowa, and likely coming from those infected areas of our State. Let’s keep hoping and praying everyone is following protocol, along with staying clear and away from those hotspots.

Since my second open house was across town, I stopped at a Casey’s and grabbed a slice of pizza which I took back to my office and nibbled on until I had to head out again. My afternoon “open” was at 114 – 11th St. NE, which I’m still shocked hasn’t yet sold. There were people in attendance, but not as many as I’d hoped for. One of the people who promised to show up, didn’t arrive, which was likely because he was busy with his socializing and managed to forget. How well I know the story about young people who can get sucked into weekend gatherings with friends, and soon forget all about commitments they’d already made. After a few bottles of giggle water have been thrown down, the filters are always lifted and oversights created. I’m glad to be out of that age.

Not long before my open house was to end, I received a call from another agent saying he’d just deposited an offer on one of my listings in my drop box. I suspected he was going to write one because of the amount of time he and his buyers had spent in that home during their second showing. I told him I’d immediately place a call to my sellers once my open house was over and having returned to my shop.

Before leaving 114 – 11th NE, I called the Executor and thanked her for getting the garage cleaned out so that all prospective buyers will be able to see how large it is. Now please, if you know of any young families looking for a great home to create lasting memories, do pass the information about it on to them. There’s no question in my mind, that home is going to be a good long-term investment for anyone with foresight. Just last month, a home two doors down sold for a whopping $120K. Now that should be saying something good about investing in that neighborhood.

When I got back to my office, I grabbed that offer, and called the sellers, and thankfully they were able to talk. I went over all the terms and conditions, and about five minutes later, they decided to take it, so tomorrow morning I’ll be meeting with them to get signatures. I looks like we’re going to have a young professional family moving to our City who have four young children. Yeah! We absolutely must keep the young ones coming, because the numbers of elderly in our City’s population is growing. As far as I’m concerned, a good mix of ages is always best for an active community.

Before heading home, I stopped and checked on a vacant home, and then headed out to the East Hy-Vee. I specifically went out there to purchase some yellow bell pepper plants which I noticed yesterday, and later realizing those pepper seeds I purchased several years ago, weren’t going to germinate, so I figured I might as well buy them. I’ll have to keep them indoors until this cold snap is over, and then get them planted. What interested me the most, is that the information stick in their plastic pots, said they were thick-skinned which is always best for freezing. Too many of the green ones have thin skins, which when thawed after freezing, no longer have desired textures.

One of my sellers was teasingly bantering with me yesterday about how much more aggressive I should be about getting his home sold. I couldn’t help reminding him that I’ve gone above and beyond what most agents would do to market his home. I even said, “I’d dance with the Devil if need be.”. I think he was just giving me a subtle reminder as to how much he wanted his home sold. I reminded him once again, that every home has a buyer, and unfortunately, they sometimes come more later than sooner.

After reading that article on KIMT’s news site about Clark Perry Baldwin being arrested for likely multiple charges of murder, a chill went thru me when wondering how many other missing persons across our United States he was responsible for killing. Crimes of passion are bad enough, but when you have pre-meditated and cold-blooded murders, they’re sent to the top of my list of the most heinous of acts.

The real question mark in my mind regarding his capture, is if he were in any way, responsible for the likely kidnapping, and subsequent death of Jodi Huisentruit, because he’d already been on a rampage in the early 1990’s.

I’m eternally thankful the investigators were able to trace him down by getting a sample of his DNA. I’m sure there’ll be all the many families finally getting their much-deserved closure on the deaths of their loved ones.

Tonight’s one-liner is: I’d even dance with the Devil, if only he knew how to waltz.

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