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In spite of it being a little nippy out this morning, once the sun climbed higher, it turned out to be one heck of a nice day. My first order, was to find a quiet place outdoors, and far enough from the noise of the City, just so I could spend some time soul-cleansing. I’m pretty much out and over those online services that are being performed each week at some of our area churches. It’s not that I’ve lost my faith, but rather my taste for their theatrics I can’t help noticing. I’m sure they’re beneficial to some, but I just can’t seem to get my spirit wrapped around it all. With that said, I’m finding the more contemplative I turn, the more helpful it’s been with my faith. After this pandemic is over, it would be great if I could find a like-minded prayer group to join, but I’m not getting my hopes up.

After I finished with my spiritual hour, I headed back to the office, changed my clothes, and headed off to work on a dirty project that’s been long-overdue getting done. I’ve been putting it off for weeks because of the weather and a few other intervening circumstances, but today I had a free block of time, so off I went.

After about four non-stop hours, I finally had to call it quits because I was getting very tired, and exceptionally filthy. To my surprise, I did get more accomplished than I thought, because when I took a closer look at what was left, in comparison to what I’d already done, I’d say I’m about two-thirds finished. Yeah!

I changed out of those filthy togs into another set of work clothes, and headed out to plant some tomato seeds. I know it’s a bit late for starting tomatoes from seed, but that garden spot is in a very protected area where the ground is much warmer. I also soaked the seeds in rainwater for 24 hours, just so they’d germinate several days earlier. I made the trenches a little deeper, which gave me the space to fill the bottoms with a layer of seed-starting soil. I planted them, covered the trenches with soil, and then gave those rows a good soaking.

Believe it or not, open-sowing tomatoes from seed isn’t such a bad thing, as long as you stay ahead of the weeds, and keep the rows watered until their roots take hold. You can bet I’ll be using some MiracleGro on them regularly.

Those tomato seeds were given to me by a dear client several years ago, but I didn’t have the time or place to plant them. I figured I’d best get them planted this year or the seeds would end up going bad if I held onto them any longer. It’ll be interesting to see if they’re as good as I was told, because the person who gave them to me absolutely raved about them. If I do have a good crop, I’ll have to deliver him some fresh from the vine.

After I finished with the seed planted, I went back over to my little/big project and worked for several more hours. It’s getting all the closer to being finished, and none too soon because I’m starting to grow weary of it. I can understand what must’ve gone thru the minds of some of our great painters and sculptors who worked on projects for years, and to think they used tools which in today’s world, would be considered primitive. I’m of the belief all the more people back then possessed more focus and diligence, and likely due to them not having the non-stop distractions we have today. It seems nearly everyone has to be plugged into something during their waking hours. Can you believe there are even people who can’t go to sleep unless there’s a noisy fan running, or a television blaring in their bedrooms? Oh Mercy, they must be afraid of hearing scolding voices coming from within while asleep.

I’ve been watching the recent news about North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un who some believe is either comatose or dead. If something does happen to him, I do hope the average citizens of North Korea, rise up and shake themselves free from the tyranny they’ve had to endure for so many decades. Whenever reading about how those poor people live, sickens my stomach. Can you imagine what it must be like to live in a constant state of fear, and not to mention, likely a constant state of hunger? It’s very interesting to compare the lives of the average citizens living in South Korea to those in North Korea. I’d say the differences are striking. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if those two countries would finally be able to return to being one Nation again? I think their time is long-overdue, and just remember how East and West Germany re-united, and look how they’ve prospered since.

I’ve been a bit dis-appointed over the lack of interest in 114 – 11th St. NE since we reduced it to $77,000. I’m amazed, but not at how few younger buyers there are out there who’re willing to do cosmetic work on homes like that one. If I lived there, I’d have that place turned into the shining star of its neighborhood in less than a year, because there really isn’t that much it needs other than some tender-loving-care. For me, that 3rd floor is to die for.

12 South Willowgreen Court is another sleeper which seems to get passed over, and likely due to this pandemic, because I thought for sure we’d have a buyer on it once Spring arrived. What a way to spend warm Summer days and evenings while seated out at its community pool and enjoy the warm water and views.

There’s no question I’m going to be having some aches and pains come tomorrow morning because of all the extra physical work I did. Oh well, we all have to get our exercise in one fashion or another. And please don’t even think I’ll ever be one you’d see in a fitness center, because I’ve seen too many people wasting precious time they’ll never get back, in centers which I’ve come to also believe being centers of like-mindedness.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Our knowledge is a receding mirage in an expanding desert of ignorance.

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