Bartering with Each Other

Quiet the pleasant day ended up happening, and glad for it because between the little real estate jobs I had, and making a few calls to some dear ones, most of my hours were spent out of doors.

My exceptionally bargain-priced listing at 1 Briarstone Court just happened to be shown twice today, and the second one being a repeat. I’m going to remain hopeful that agent’s buyers decide to make an offer on it. As I’d mentioned before, that home is far larger than it looks from the outside, and I’m sure those buyers were also amazed by its size while walking thru it. In spite of this pandemic showing no real signs of going away soon, homes in North Iowa are still are selling.

My mid-morning appointment was with the executor of the home I have listed at 114 – 11th St. NE. We decided that a price reduction was in order, so as of today, it’s now at a bargain basement price of $77,000.00 which now puts it in the realm of being a steal of a deal. Since being as well informed as I am regarding that home and its neighborhood, there’s no question it’s going to be some lucky buyer’s personal 401K, because if some inexpensive upgrades were done on it, there’d be a near-instant value created. Please pass the word among your friends and relatives, and just as a reminder, tonight’s photo is one of its exterior shots.

I’m a bit surprised there hasn’t been a “flipper” come along and buy it, but of course many of them are busy “lipsticking” those easier cookie-cutter cracker boxes, but truthfully, I’d much rather see some young couple with a family buy it who’d start creating their own years of memories within that home. I must also mention, our City Assessor made some obvious mistakes with that home, and one of them, is it being listed as having a block foundation, when in fact, it’s poured concrete, which is rock solid. Oh how I hate seeing so many mistakes being made which shouldn’t be, because they’re getting paid very well to work as diligently and efficiently for those of us who’re paying their salaries.

Since I didn’t have any appointments stacked, I changed my clothes and went back to doing some additional yard work. As most gardeners know, now’s the time to get out and get things done before the leaves come out and grass starts growing. I did manage to get everything completed on the area of lawn I started work on this past Sunday, and when standing there looking at it after I was finished, I’d say it now looks 100% better.
The remainder of my time was spent putzing with those ever-annoying little things.

While I was there, a client returned a call I’d placed earlier, so I made an appointment to meet with her at 4:00 pm this afternoon. As it was nearing the time, I went back to my office, cleaned up, changed my clothes, and headed over to her home to get another document signed.

While there, we had a nice chat about how we’re dealing with the coronavirus, along with our thoughts as to where this is all going to be taking us. I also shared my concerns over the meat shortages we may be experiencing if there are any more slaughterhouses and meat processing facilities being shut down. I’m still of the belief that all the many us Americans are far too dependent on corporations which supply us with the food we eat. Back during the Great Depression, people would be bartering with each other for foods and basic supplies, but in these times, how does one negotiate with corporations?

It makes me extremely sad when seeing all the less fortunate people around the world, suffering so much more than we are, and only because of their poverty and the inability of their governments to take care of their basic needs. It looks like several of the South American nations are now getting hit pretty hard by the pandemic, and likely because they’re approaching their “winter” months. The experts are still leaning towards the idea that this virus spreads faster when it’s colder and the air drier. But if that’s the case, several of them believe that if we don’t have a vaccine when Fall arrives, there’s likely going to be a repeat of it this coming Winter. Heaven help us if that’s the case.

I spoke to a young gentleman today who’s definitely of the mindset that if he should happen to contract the coronavirus, it’ll just move thru him like a common cold. You can be sure I scolded over the fact that it can be just as deadly for the young as it is for the old. I also made sure he understood that there’ve been very young and healthy people struggling for their lives within intensive care units with no underlying health issues. The researchers still don’t know why, yet I will continue believing it’s due to a given person’s genetic makeup. We’ll see what they come up with as a reason.

When I got back to my office, I scanned today’s signed document, and then emailed it to the agent requesting it. Since it was drawing near the close of my work day, I decided to load up all the potted geraniums I’d wintered-over in the front and back areas of my office, and deliver them home so I can later plant them outdoors. I’m still amazed at how well they do in my office during our many cold months, and yet not even one of them has died. I’m hoping it will be a real summer this year, because they didn’t do as well as they should’ve during last year’s growing season. I think part of the problem, was that I planted them in the ground too early, and as we all know, geraniums like it hot. If you’ve ever been to Southern California, people actually have them as hedges.

I was pleasantly surprised seeing so many people out walking this afternoon, and I dare say there were more than I’ve ever seen in one day. I’m beginning to think being outdoors more, is going to be another noticeable change we’ll be seeing in North Iowa.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance.

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