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I was saddened to see where Worth and Winnebago counties now have their first confirmed cases of the coronavirus, but at least they’re both at one each, and also glad to see Floyd County is still hanging in there with zero cases. I think there are only twenty of our 99 counties that have no confirmed cases right now. I also noticed Cerro Gordo is now at 13 which isn’t bad considering we’re almost halfway thru the week where we’re supposed have a spike in reported cases before they start leveling, and then dropping off.

I had to meet a plumber over at a house to fix a leaking washer hookup, and fortunately I could get him there quick enough so there wouldn’t be an even greater puddle of water standing in it’s basement laundry room. I swear all these newer shut-offs must’ve been made in China with planned obsolescence built right into them. It seems every time we have something in need of replacement, it goes to pot all the sooner than the old component.

My mid-morning appointment was out of town where I had to meet some buyers at the home they purchased where they’ve got some fix-ups to do before we can close on their loan. The few required repairs on the list, were more time consuming than costly which was a relief for all of us.

I was nearly brought to tears when one of them said, “If it wasn’t for you, we would’ve never got this house purchased.” I thanked him for his kind words, and also added how much it means to me whenever hearing a sincere thanks coming out of either a buyer or seller’s mouth. I spite of what some believe, for me, it’s not all about the money, because the feeling I get when knowing I’ve done something to help make the lives of others better, is priceless.

On my way back into the City, I stopped at Kwik Trip to get gas, and while there, I figured I might as well pick up something light for lunch. While I was in there looking for something, I couldn’t help noticing how few of those within, were abiding by the six foot distancing our government has been calling for. There was one woman who for some reason, was stepping one foot closer to me, just as I was stepping farther away. If I were her, I wouldn’t taken it as my queue to back off.

The longer I’ve been in the “thick” of this China-virus business, the more I’m starting to see trends that’ll likely be “hard-coded” into the minds of most after this is all over. You can bet there’ll be all the more distancing being done whenever around others, which is fine by me, and hopefully there’ll be several of my competitors who’ll finally “get it”, and keep at least a three foot distance from me. I’m wondering if it’s something they innocently do, or possibly their policy because they both work out of the same office. I don’t know about you, but I start bristling whenever someone has their nose in my face, and I’m sure just about every family has one or two of them, including mine. I think it’s just a dirty habit which they’ve learned to use, just so to intimidate or make others in a “faux” way, believe they’re unctuous words are in everyone’s best interests. Not cool.

I had a meeting with a group of people this afternoon regarding a confirmation on getting a rule amended in a condominium regimen’s bylaws. Since I had all the information necessary, and able to answer all their questions, it went better than I was expecting, and thank goodness I went over all the docs again before heading out there. There’s nothing more embarrassing for me, than to have someone ask a pertinent question, and not being able to give the answer.

Three of the people in attendance had relatively recent deaths of near and dear ones, so we all shared a little about how we’ve dealt with grief. One of them mentioned that even though she’s pretty much over the death of her husband, she still feels there’s something missing within. I went on to share what someone told me several years ago who deals with grief on a regular basis by saying, “When you lose a loved one, there’s a permanent hole created in your heart, and even though the hole never closes, you learn to accept and move on with your life, because that’s what your loved one would’ve wanted.” Yes, as we grow older, sooner or later, there will be holes created in nearly everyone’s hearts, and simply due to death being inevitable.

One of my dear ones called today to mention how excited she is about having a garden this year, and went on to tell me about the cold frame she recently purchased which she now has filled with tomato, pepper, and perennial flower seeds. Since this is her first go at growing her own plants, I reminded her that she must make sure she keeps the lid open at least part way when it’s nice out, because it’ll get too hot for her “sprouts” and likely fry them if it’s too hot inside.

Long before grocery and super stores were selling tomato and pepper plants, most of those with big gardens, would have cold frames they would use every year to start their plants. When I was young, we had several of them in which grew plants that were just as healthy as those you’d now find in those temporary greenhouses they put up every year in springtime. I’ll never forget one year we had 575 tomato plants that were grown from seed in one of our large cold frames, and you wouldn’t believe how many bushels of tomatoes were either sold at the drive, or went to market that season.

Every time I see or hear of someone trying their hand at vegetable gardening, it touches my heart because I’m convinced that if they maintain the right attitudes, and willing to work at keeping their gardens healthy and weed-free, they’ll continue having one each and every year. There happens to be a house I’ve driven by nearly every day for years, and like seasonal clockwork, the owners have one of the most beautiful vegetable gardens, and I dare to say, I’ve never once seen even a hint of weeds or disease in their proud little garden patch.

Tonight’s one-liner is: The monotony and solitude of a quiet life, stimulates the creative mind.

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