305 W. North was Re-Visited

Another day passed with still only two confirmed cases of the coronavirus in our County, and if only we can sustain those numbers for two weeks, I’d say we should be sailing forward as being one of those areas having been spared. The big problem we all have, are the people making deliveries, visiting families and friends, or just passing thru, who’ve been exposed to that virus in other areas, and innocently infecting those they come in contact with while here. If such situations should happen, that’s when all “yell” is going to break loose in North Iowa. Every time I see delivery trucks in our City that have another County’s, or out of State plates, the scary thought runs thru my mind of it being an unknowingly contagious person in the asymptomatic stage of the coronavirus.

Speaking of that Chinese virus, a dear old church-going friend ran into me at the grocery store today, and the first thing out of her mouth was, “I am so angry with the Chinese government for not taking the needed steps to contain that virus when they were first alerted of it.” I fully agreed with her, but also reminded her that when living under the thumb of a totalitarian regime like China, smoke and mirrors is what’s to be expected.

I just read today where North Korea is quietly looking to like-minded countries, for help with medical supplies, even though they insist on not having one case of it within their borders. Once again, totalitarian regimes keep themselves in power thru fear, punishment, fake news, and manipulation. My heart goes out to all those poor souls around the world who’re living their entire lives under repressive yokes.

After hearing about that so-called “not-for-profit” puppy laundering facility in Britt which just got nailed by the Secretary of State, I was in shock when reading how much money those people must’ve made by selling those puppies to out of State pet stores. When I first read how much they were fined, I was a bit shocked, but then reading how much money they must’ve laundered, I considered it befitting.

I shared with a client of mine today, my own experience with a puppy farm some years ago, and learning first hand how different those puppies are in comparison to someone who’s selling pups from their own dog. The mental scars created in those 8 – 10 weeks while in confinement in those dog-styes, follow them the rest of their lives.

What makes me wonder all the more, is if most people consider puppy mill dogs to be normal because they’ve never had a puppy from a soulful breeder. There’s no question puppies are just like small children where they need human contact, appropriate nourishment, and above all, heaping amounts of love.

Some may think that the growth and development of humans is different than in the animal world, but really not, because we see what normally happens to children coming out of abusive families, and so does it pertain to dogs, cats, and just about every other animal we have as pets. There’ve been many times where I’ve seen people take a dog from a shelter, and later taking it back because of what its previous owner had done. Yes, there are happy endings for all the many, but there are also failed attempts at getting a dog or cat to acclimate to a healthy and happy environment because it’s far too foreign for them to accept.

I visited with the owner of 305 W. North in Manly today, and we both decided it’s long past the time of her home being sold. It’s been shown more these past several months, but still no takers, and most of the feed-back coming from other agents, is that their buyers think it needs too much work. I roll my eyes every time I hear such nonsense when knowing that home has had very many recent big-ticket improvements done, and as far as I’m concerned, that’s all it needs, is for a given buyer to be able to see past the current owner’s tastes. For me it’s a cake walk, but unfortunately for our younger crowd, they’re rapidly loosing their ability to envision, for which we can thank the internet.

The things I find exceptionally appealing about that home, are the number of bedrooms and baths, its first floor laundry area, the attached double garage, an updated kitchen with gorgeous cherry cabinetry, newer thermal windows, and above all, the large building not far from its back door which could easily be converted to a state-of-the-art workshop, or turned into an added three stall garage. What I also find refreshing with that home, is its Spanish Revival architecture. You can be sure when that home was originally built by Manly’s resident veterinarian, it had to have been the talk of the town for years. The above photo is one of its exterior shots, so if you know of any young family looking for bedrooms and yard space, please mention it to them. Don’t you think it’s about time 305 W. North was re-visited?

Pretty much all I did at my office today, was get everything readied for a closing I have at the end of the month, and then forwarding all my information to the bank that’s funding it. The email I got back, was a thank you, along with some pretty strict instructions on their closing protocols during this pandemic. Oh how our world is changing to where I’m now wondering if the shaking of hands will no longer be accepted. I do hope we’ll not all be bowing to each other as they do in the Orient. As for me, I’d rather see us all giving a soulful “nod” as our acknowledgement to others.

When having a few hours to kill this afternoon, I took time to mix up some warm soapy water with bleach, and going to work at wiping just about everything down I could reach. Afterwards, I changed the water and focused on giving my wooden floors a good scrubbing. I had to later laugh when a young woman dropped off a document while saying, “Gee your office smells clean.” I took that as my bonus for those hours spent.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Erudition can produce foliage without bearing fruit.

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  • Ramona says:

    I have been trying to find my daughter a three bedroom home, she wants to rent with her two children. But Mason City rent is out of this world. It’s crazy. And the homes that are in her price range is awful they should be ashamed to even put a for rent sign on the house. Come on folks just because people don’t want to pay $700.00 to $1200 doesn’t mean they are dirty or will tear up a home. Folks this is Mason City Iowa not Hollywood. And people that will pay that how long do they really stay? In the long run make the rent where people can afford it and they will stay.