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Traffic wise, I’d say today was the lightest I’ve seen on a Sunday for longer than I can remember. It was a little creepy-cool when driving to the office and encountering only about four cars that entire distance. I’m certainly glad all the more people are remaining home during the hours of their free weekends.

When I arrived at my office, I went online looking for an area church Service, and after going from one to another, there wasn’t a singular I found even slightly interesting. The one I was expecting to be watchable, had a woman singer with a voice that was noticeably off pitch, along with wearing a dress very unbecoming for a lady her age and build. As far as I’m concerned, baby doll dresses are made for baby dolls. I watched and listened to it for a grand total of about ten minutes, and then deleted it from my browser. With the feeling I was still in need of something spiritually uplifting, I found a quiet corner in my office and silently prayed in a contemplative form for about a half hour, which was just enough time to get me spiritually re-charged.

There’s no question in my mind, if I were a multi-millionaire, I would find and purchase a plot of land out in the countryside with mature trees and plenty of views, and have the most charming inter-denominational chapel built out of stone in an “old world” style where there’d be tall arches, beamed ceilings, hand-built pews, and oodles of spiritually inspiring stained glass windows, and once finished, I would make sure it was left unlocked every day during daylight hours for the general public’s use, but above all, I wouldn’t be asking for donations. Isn’t it funny when thinking about all the millionaires and billionaires we have in our Country, and likely none of them having had one built?

Far too often, I’ve heard from many of the old ones, how much they miss being able to stop at their churches and pray whenever they felt the need. Unfortunately, the reason nearly all congregations have their houses of worship locked, is due to the rising thefts and vandalisms which is exceptionally unfortunate for the rest of us.

Back in the the old days, a person wouldn’t even think of vandalizing or stealing from a church because it was believed to be the “sin of sins”, and would create a lasting curse that would follow the life of any thief or desecrator. I’m not sure where so much dis-respect for houses of worship has come from, but sadly so, it’s getting worse.

Several of my little jobs, was to go out and take photos of homes for clients of mine, and then get them processed and emailed out. Since they both live out of town, they’d asked for more and better photos than what they were finding online, so I freely obliged .

I’d planned on doing some extra physical labor today, but those little projects took longer, as well as my having to return phone calls, and answer those that were coming in, so unfortunately, I was only able to manually work a couple of hours.

My afternoon showing didn’t go as well as I was expecting, but at least we’re one potential buyer closer to having that condo sold. I’ve been putting it out into the “real estate universe”, the fact that it’s the best-buy condo on the market, because it’s in fabulous condition, exceptionally clean, and located in one of our more sought after districts. With the interest rates being so low, I’m still saying my prayers there’ll be a young professional that’ll come along soon, and get it bought. I’m also of the belief, that there’ll be all the more people moving out the the metro areas once this Chinese virus pandemic is a thing of the past, and what better place, than up and away in North Ioway.

When reading our local news today, I was shocked, yet not surprised to see there are now two confirmed cases of the coronavirus in Cerro Gordo County, and their age brackets being 18 – 40 year-olds. Oh if I don’t hate being right, after mentioning several weeks ago about my fears over the number of cases greatly spiking after our State’s “spring breakers” having returned home from their so-called “necessary” get away time.

If I were one of their parents, I would’ve vehemently insisted they stay home, instead of running the risk of picking up that virus, and then not so innocently dragging it back to all of us. I know I’m sounding wicked when saying, “Even though they now have to pay for their playtimes, they’re now possibly infecting hundreds more who haven’t had their winter breaks because they stayed home.” Now that doesn’t sound fair, does it?

When looking at the broader picture, isn’t it unfortunate how diseases are now able to spread around the world because of our so-called “necessary” globalization. You can be darned sure I’m not buying anything that’s made in China, because no one really knows how long that virus can linger on their products, as well within their packages.

If I were the heads of countries who’re accepting precautionary coronavirus supplies which China is supposedly “gifting” to them, I’d be saying “No thank you!”, and sending them back across their borders, because those materials could also be contaminated with their own Chinese virus. We can never be too careful when it comes to this pandemic.

I’m even beginning to wonder if we all shouldn’t be wiping down any packages and regular mail with disinfectants before bringing them into our homes and opening them, because as it’s been stated, “The coronavirus can live on certain surfaces for more than two weeks.” Now, that’s a very long time considering how far and fast such items can travel. Isn’t it funny how our own Government hasn’t addressed such possibilities?

Tonight’s one-liner is: Always remember, nobody is forcing Americans to buy Chinese goods.

Joe Chodur

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