For several days, I’ve found myself forgetting to mention that I’ve seen Robins and Blackbirds, and I’m pretty sure the first arrival from the south, was a lone Robin on Tuesday. Of course those vile Starlings are back in full force, and already starting to make nests in overhangs and whatever small holes in buildings they can find. They’ve even learned how to make nests in traffic lights which tells me they’ll raise their brood in just about any old hole.

I can remember back on the farm, when it being our duty to keep those feed-stealing bird populations down. because many insisted that they were the ones that carried animal diseases from one farm to another. I actually read an article a number of years ago where big poultry farmers who had their pens exposed to the outdoors, were always on the hunt for those disease carrying Starlings.

The thought has crossed my mind several times about birds spreading the Corona Virus, and especially when some of those confirmed cases had no contact with infected people, along with not recently having traveled to areas that were infected, which is why I can’t help but wonder if that disease is possibly being passed around by our feathered friends, and with friends like Starlings, who needs enemies?

My two appointments to look at homes went well today, and the first one will likely get listed soon, while the other one, will be months into the future due to the amount of clean-out necessary. There’s no question our market is getting short in certain price ranges when just today, my having seen a sold sign on a home that’s been on the market for a number of years. Like they say, there’s a shoe that fits every foot, and for sure, that one would’ve never fit me.

I have all my public open house signs out at the curbsides, so hopefully I’ll be getting a good turnout on the both of them this weekend. I spoke to a gentleman today about paying a return visit to the one I’m having open at 422 S. Tennessee Place, because he wasn’t keen on having to climb the flight of stairs leading to that 2nd floor unit, but now that the condo owners have agreed to allow someone to install a chairlift, it gave him more to think about.

When in conversation with a woman today, she proceeded to tell me about the nightmare she had when discovering her parents home had been burglarized while she was out of town for several days. I was in shock to hear how much damage they’d done to her home as they were rummaging thru it. All I could say was, “I’m convinced that if there’s a Hell, then there’s a sub-Hell for those who not only steal, but wreck other people’s keepsakes in the process.” It’s no wonder all the more are installing those high-tech security systems in their homes, and from what I’ve recently heard from a client, they’re even more sophisticated with their cutting-edge technology.

I was being hammered on by a caller today who was inquiring on a rental, and I just about let him have it regarding his past rental history which was exceptionally bad. For some reason, there are still all the many in the general public who think their past transgressions mean nothing to landlords. As I’ve mentioned several times, “Filling out a rental application, is very much like going to a bank and submitting an application for a loan.”, because banks will not loan to people who’ve intentionally screwed up their credit. Financial institutions wouldn’t be in business if they freely loaned money to every person asking for it, and the simple reason being, it all goes back to the idea of “worthiness”.

Now, when we expand on the word “worthiness”, we find that it helps us to gauge who and what we find acceptable in our lives, so if we make the choice to no longer have anything to do with certain people who’ve intentionally brought harm to us either financially, mentally, or physically, then those people are no longer worthy to be part of our circles.

When it comes to the homes we live in, the food we eat, and the materials we read, it all goes back to whether certain animate and/or inanimate people, things, or ideas, are worthy of being part of our daily lives. I’m sure you’ve been in situations where someone has said the most cutting things to you, and you’ve responded with something like, “The words you just spoke, aren’t even worthy of comment.”, and that being the queue to that person that he or she is so far out of your life-circle, that an answer wasn’t “worthy”. Make sense?

I’ve come to the conclusion in recent years, that it’s better in the long run, to reply in similar ways when being confronted in such fashions, because no matter how hard we attempt to convince others that what they’re insisting upon, is totally wrong, and in the end, they’ll continue to hold fast to what was initially said. The sheer ignorance of the masses, leaves no room for middle-ground thinking because most have no real understanding of the subjects they’re creating argument over. Pay a little closer attention to those in debate, and you’ll find there’s no coming together in agreement, because much of what should be said in today’s world, isn’t, because of all this “politically correctness”, is keeping us from getting to the core of the real problems.

If there’s one subject I’ve touched on tonight, please take the time to sort out what’s worthy, or worthless in your lives, and then perhaps, you’ll consider yourselves to have grown all the better for it.

Tonight’s one-liner is: The practice of radical humility, is the taking of no credit for our talents, intellectual abilities, aptitudes, or proficiencies, and all the while being in a near constant state of awe and bewilderment.

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