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Oh how quickly the mid-afternoon suddenly turned wicked with the light snow being blown about by such a strong north wind. Isn’t it amazing how quickly North Iowa’s weather changes, and it almost always due to the sudden changes in wind direction. I’m hoping the roads aren’t going to be sheets of ice come tomorrow morning because they’re already getting to that point.

I was reminded this morning how dangerous winter can be when I got a phone call from someone asking if I heard about a certain house that’s on the market having frozen and burst pipes due to its hot water furnace going out without notice, along with the flooding that had taken place within because the radiators had likely frozen and then when it warmed up, the ice turned into gushing water. I don’t even want to think how many thousands of gallons of water must’ve gone to waste before it was discovered.

While out and about, I made sure to drive past that home, and sure enough, I could see where icicles had formed where the water was weeping thru the outside walls. If the insurance on that home is good enough, and me being the owner, I’d take the insurance proceeds and have that not-so-handsome home scraped off and deeded the neighbor, because trying to repair all that hidden damage, would be like chasing after a forest fire with a squirt gun. The happenings in our “Burg” nearly always gets out, which means most buyers would shy away from a home with such a history.

I personally prefer hot water heat over forced air, but one must make sure there’s someone checking on whatever home or building on a daily basis during winter, because there’s always the chance of a boiler going out. Over these long years of marketing real estate, I’d say I’ve seen at least six freeze-outs, and every one of them being frightful sights.

Just about every office I’ve worked in had hot water heat, and to be sure, it’s about the most even heat you can find, and not to mention how much more quiet those systems are because you’re not hearing the furnace fans blowing and feeling the drafts come from the registers. I have fond memories of working in hot water heated offices, and one being the ability to go and seat myself on a near blistering-hot radiator after arriving back from a freezing appointment, just so to get the chill quickly driven out of my bones. Yes, those warm radiators were also great places to congregate while having inter-office chats during our freezing times.

I’ve scheduled a public open house at 415 – 1st St. SE for this coming Saturday, and hopefully this extra cold and blustery weather will be long gone by then. I had a good showing on it last Saturday afternoon, but we can’t wait for people to make up their minds because that home has got to get sold. I’m hoping the sun will be shining because the sunlight beaming into the kitchen/dining/family room areas is fabulous. I keep telling everyone that the only thing it needs, is a color change on its main floor walls.

One of my customers called today and informed me that he’d heard that Alliant Energy’s warehouse being located just east of the tracks on 15th St. SE, was sold and closed the end of this past month. I was a bit shocked by it because Alliant Energy nearly always uses a Realtor to sell their properties. While on the phone with him, I looked up the transfer docs on-line, and sure enough, some LLC purchased it for $404,000.00. Wow! Now that was a great deal of coin for a tucked-away site with not so modern buildings on it. It’ll be interesting to see what sort of business will be locating there.

Most of my phone calls today were those looking for advice regarding listings and sales. It’s a good thing nearly all Realtors don’t charge the general public for information they supply, because if they did, we’d be on the par of most attorneys who charge for every phone conference they have with their clients. The general public has normally been good about not using information they’ve been given, and not going behind a Realtor’s back to undermine business relationship agents have with their sellers. I was a bit irritated today when getting another call from someone I’d spoken with yesterday, who was asking if I’d do something for him, and then telling him “No”, but the question came again, and there was a repeated, “No” today. I wouldn’t have been bothered so much by it if I hadn’t already explained yesterday, why I wouldn’t, and couldn’t do it.

As a precautionary measure, I stopped at a drug store this afternoon to purchase a small packet of anti-bacterial hand wipes. With all the colds and flu symptoms floating around, I thought it best to be a little more pro-active. I placed that package in my car’s glove box just in case I feel the need to use one of its tissues. The funniest thing, was not long after I returned to my office, I looked across the street, and there a woman was behind her steering wheel, wiping her hands with something similar before she started her car and drove off. Yet another creepy-cool happening in the life of.

When seeing the results of New Hampshire’s primary, I’d say that if there isn’t a strong front-runner thru-out this primary season, there’s going to be some interesting battles taking place at the Democratic Convention. As all the many know, it’s not about how many more people have voted for a given candidate, it’s whether he or she has accumulated the magic number of delegates.

Tonight’s photo is one I took of an Amana cookbook I found in an old box. There are certainly some interesting recipes contained within and perhaps give one or two a try.

Tonight’s one-liner is: The wine of youth doesn’t always clear with advancing years; sometimes it grow turbid.

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