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It was a busy first-of-the-month Monday morning with my closing on another Prairie Place on 1st. There are now officially only four units remaining, and only one vacant unit left to be sold on the 3rd floor. As chance would have it, early this afternoon I had a showing on that 3rd floor unit, and the buyers were showing good interest to where there’ll likely be calling for a second look. It’ll be great if that particular one sells because there’ll no longer be any reason to be on the 3rd floor, and subsequently being left to focus on only the 1st and 2nd floors.

I spent an hour doing some research on a property in Clear Lake for one of my customers, and then scanned and emailed him all the information I’d gathered. He’s slowly moving towards making an offer on a property I showed him some weeks ago, but wants to make sure he’s not going to be paying too much for it. As I’ve said these recent years, Clear Lake’s market is exceptionally barometric and I’m not so sure how much higher it’s going to go before it implodes just like it’s done in decades past. For whatever reason, people seem to want to live over there even though most of them work here in Mason City.

I had to call one of my colleagues today to set up a showing on a listing this week, and then having a good chat regarding recent happenings in our work lives. When speaking about government offices and companies in general, I couldn’t help sharing my thoughts about how oft times even the rank and file workers take on the character of their not so shining “leaders”. I gave enough examples of past and present to where it became quite evident it’s been happening. I chuckled when saying, “Why wouldn’t a worker follow suit when seeing their boss doing and saying such things and getting away with it?” For sure we’re seeing it in our Government, and you can bet I fully dis-like the lack of decorum that’s being exhibited nationwide.

With the caucuses now upon us, I do hope there won’t be some radical-minded candidate who’ll be stepping into the limelight because all our Country doesn’t need, is more polarization. It’s been shown for generations, that a house divided will not stand, and that covers the entire spectrum of humanity, beginning with family units, and ending all the way up to the top levels of our Federal Government.

Over the years I’ve lost business because there’ve been those who “thought” they knew the direction of my political leanings, and several times I even challenged their thinking, but to no avail, because there has been a deep-seated belief by those “hard cores”, that tribalism is the only way to survive in a political arena. Not so, because whether a politician is red or blue, they should always be putting the best interests of their constituencies ahead of their own, and that’s that.

These past years, I’ve come to realize that there’s a great need for government watch dogs in the Cities and Counties in our State, because I’ve been seeing huge injustices being done to our citizens, and whenever they’ve challenged a head “honcho”, weak excuses are given, and then dismissed. As far as I’m concerned there’s not enough standardization of what can and cannot be done by those “honchos”. There’s a particular one in our midst who would’ve been fired years ago if I, and a number of others had anything to say about it, yet nearly all have been left with the hopes of karma’s arrival.

I had to place a stinging phone call this afternoon to a tenant of sorts who’s living in a home I recently listed. The agreement was that it could be shown every day after a certain hour. Well, as I suspected, a “freundin” left a message late this afternoon saying that it couldn’t, because that rogue tenant was out of town. Ugh! Figuring he wouldn’t pick up when I called, and of course didn’t, I then proceeded to remind him that he’d better stick to our agreement or there’d be an attorney getting involved. Oh how I hate being right when hearing and seeing what I did from the very beginning. Unfortunately for that tenant, one way or another, that home is going to get sold and he’ll be out. One thing I am glad about, is it’s going to get resolved more sooner than later.

While at my closing this morning, one of the businesspeople mentioned how thankful he was that we didn’t get hit with the weather we had the last week in January a year ago. His memory was the most acute I’ve heard from another regarding those days, and likely because they were having trouble keeping their work areas heated enough for their employees to be able to work comfortably. I guess when you’re not only worrying about keeping yourself warm, the scare goes deeper into one’s memory banks, and more easily recalled whenever speaking about it. Yes, that was a wicked week, and especially the night I was watching my thermometer bouncing between 48 – 50 degrees below zero.

Before heading home, I placed a call to a soon to be client of mine and informing him that after doing my deep research on his home, it’ll likely sell for 15K – 20K more than I initially thought when walking thru it. Yes, we do have a shortage in certain price ranges, and it doesn’t look like there’s going to be many competitive listings coming on the market in the near future. He was happy to hear about my numbers bump, and hopefully we’ll be getting it soon listed.

Tonight’s one-liner is: We must make the best of those social ills which we haven’t the power to change.

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