Flame Thrower

Welcome to February! And what a welcome it was with the clouds having finally floated off and allowing the sun to fill us with its warming light. Yes, I feel Spring around the corner, and all the more excited it’s on the way.

My early morning appointment to show my listing in Plymouth went very well to where I’m hoping the buyers will call for another look and then make an offer on it. There wasn’t much they found to their dis-like, but also reminded them how much more square footage they’d be getting for the money.

You can bet I was very careful on the blacktops when driving back because they were starting to get greasy from yesterday’s snow and last night’s freeze. Driving up there wasn’t much of a problem, but coming back they’d noticeably changed for the worse. Black ice is not something to be underestimated because it’s been the cause of many accidents over the years.

With all the casino money going into the coffers of Worth County, I think it best they start paving or blacktopping all their gravel roads so that more people will want to build country homes on the many small acreages that dot the lands of our neighboring County. There are many hidden natural gems up there which very few even realize exist. Of course the Shell Rock river runs nearly straight down the center of it, which is my all time favorite river in North Iowa. Each year and every year Albert Lea Lake grows all the cleaner, makes for a healthier Shell Rock River because that lake is it’s source of origin.

One of my clients mentioned yesterday that when visiting a relative in Madison Wisconsin, he heard on the news that in a major lake near Madison, there’s been recent testing done on it, and shocked when finding its water containing toxic quantities of teflon, and are warning people about the maximum number of certain fish they can eat without creating physical health problems for themselves. What’s next?

It came as no surprise when hearing it, because from the first time they came out with teflon coated pans, I’ve always considered them unhealthy. And to think the reason they became such a craze, is because of their non-stick surfaces. Yes, both the young and old are are growing all the lazier when buying things that require the least amount of effort. Isn’t the clean-up all part of the art of cooking?

Speaking of effort, while I was out early this morning and sweeping last night’s light dusting of snow off the front sidewalk of my office, there several doors down, stood a hefty man with a backpack contraption with a hand-held blower he was using to blow the snow off a walk. Really? At least a half dozen times this winter I’ve seen people out with those noisy blowers attempting to clear sidewalks. The next thing I won’t be surprised seeing, is a backpack flame thrower that’ll be melting it off. Shoveling isn’t my most beloved job, but not to the point I’d be loading myself up with all kinds of machines to get it removed.

My late morning listing appointment was with an executor of an estate which was just opened. I’d already taken the measurements several weeks ago, and visited with the occupant about showing it who happens to be one of the relatives of the decedent. After the executor left, I phoned the occupant and left a message for him to call me so I can get over there to take interior photo. Still no return call which has me a bit worried about getting in to show it. We’ll see how it goes this coming week.

It’s a 3 bedroom ranch located at 326 – 12th St. SE which was built in the early 1960’s. There’s an attached single garage and a double detached off the rear alley. It features permanent siding, some recent updates, and as far as I’m concerned, it’s in pretty good condition for the money. Since they want it sold more sooner than later, I priced it at $83,500. As chance would have it, about five years ago, I sold a “carbon copy” of it several doors down for I believe $75K, and it didn’t have a double garage out back. I did mention to the executor that because of the price range it’s in, it should get sold fast because of how few good homes there are in its price range.

My public house over at 1 Briarstone Court went exceptionally well to where I wasn’t in the home alone the entire time I was there. There was some solid interests being show by several couples, which I hope will get it sold all the sooner. I reminded all of them that it was recently reduced over $22K. Every person that walked thru it, was surprised by its size. Yes, from the street, that home doesn’t look near the size it is. Can you believe, it offers nearly 2,000 square feet of living area on the main floor? Another big plus it has, is the main floor laundry room which makes for all the less stair-stepping for the elderly.

After my open house, I stopped at the grocery and picked up a few things, and then headed back to my office to get some things moved around in my storeroom so to more easily get at the items I’ll be gifting to a client of mine. He’ll certainly be putting those things to a better use than I ever would have.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Information is pretty thin stuff unless mixed with experience.

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