The Wrong Way

It appears we’re heading into another band of snow showers, but at least the temps are going to be much warmer than they were last weekend. Even though we’re not supposed to get as much as we did last week, I’ll wager it’s going to be a great deal heavier, so brace yourselves for some wet stuff.

I didn’t have any showings scheduled today, so I kept pretty close to my office and worked on and off at my accounting. I did take a small break and went over to see how the work was coming on the home of one of my clients who’s getting closer to listing it.

I think she’s beginning to get a little annoyed with me because each time I’m over there, I find one or two more things needing to be added to her punch list. I know it can be annoying for most, but I really do want everyone’s homes looking as best they can be before my for sale signs get planted in their yards. Some listen, and some don’t, and all I can do, is work with the plate that they’ve handed to me.

With the end of the month not far off, I scheduled my first public open house for 12 S. Willowgreen Court for this Saturday from 1:00 – 3:00 pm., and I do hope the snow will be long finished because I really want to get that handsome unit sold. Now that the owner has moved out, it shows its best, and the nearly new kitchen within, is to die for.

I also scheduled a public open house over at Prairie Place on 1st for this Sunday from 1:00 – 3:00 pm. We have only four units remaining, and only two of them being 2 bedroom, 2 bath units, and one of them is already being strongly considered by someone I showed it to several weeks ago. Let’s hope for the best, because I find myself growing impatient with getting them all sold, but I have to remember, we started out with 32 units.

There’s a home belonging to one of my clients which recently had some repairs done in preparation for new tenants going in, so today I stopped over there to make sure everything was up to par and working, and of course particular me, always has to turn on faucets, check to make sure the sinks are draining properly, and then flushing toilets and making sure their tanks fill, and then stop like they’re supposed to. For the first time, I turned the water on in the tub/shower unit and let it run, and then waited to make sure it was also draining properly.

After checking everything, I thought I might as well do a quick inspection of the basement, so down I headed. I walked around to where the furnace and hot water heater was situated, and just as I was turning to walk out, I noticed a small puddle of water on the floor. When looking up and around, I noticed that bathtub drain connection was leaking. Ugh! Hopefully I can get a plumber over there before the weekend so he can get it fixed, because I absolutely hate having one of my clients rentals getting repair calls right out of the gate.

Later this afternoon I happened to run into an associate whom I’ve not spoken with in months, and for the strangest of reasons, some of the people I’ve not seen for some time, are appearing noticeably haggard. I couldn’t help but ask if everything was going well in his world. It sounded like all was, with the exception of now having to deal with blood pressure issues. After I walked away, I still couldn’t help thinking something more remarkable had changed with him, but not in a good way. Oh well, whatever it is, I hope he gets it resolved.

Several weeks ago, I happened to notice a couple walking across the street whom I’ve known for a very many years, but I actually didn’t realize it was them until I’d already passed, but I did get a good look in my rear view mirror, and just about had a jaw-drop when seeing how rickety the husband looked. Now that was a huge change from when visiting with him late last summer. I’d heard they purchased a property, and are now moving, and possibly may have something to do with his health. I understand now why I haven’t seen the two of them out walking.

The families they both come from, I’ve for years considered exceptionally tribal to where if one of them went out and dirtied in the middle of the road, they’d all insist it was just OK. I dare not speak of the decades I’ve heard that family group sing the highest of praises of each other over their weakest of accomplishments, and of course I’d always have to give some sort of socially acceptable acknowledgment.

There’s one in that tribe who oft times would say how terribly hard her life was in her younger years when having to walk uphill both to and from school, and after growing older, managed to wheedle herself into a position of authority which handed her all the more license to consider herself being one who pulled herself up by her own boot straps. I continue to wish them all well, and even though they believe themselves on the right path, I can’t help but consider them heading the wrong way on the right path. I’ll never forget hearing an un-deserved comment she made about me to the wrong person who just happened to be a very dear friend/client of mine. I forgave her a long time ago after seething for a day, but I’ve not forgotten.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Why harass with eternal purposes, a mind too weak to grasp them?

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