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I’m hoping this predicted snow is going to miss us because from what I read, it was supposed to start snowing at 5:00 pm today if we were to get any. Unfortunately, that exceptionally damp air made it feel much colder than it actually was. We’re going to have a full moon tonight, so if any of you are planning to be out howling, you’d better cover your jaws and bundle your paws.

My first showing today was at 422 S. Tennessee Place, which is the 2nd story condo I have listed at a bargain price. The elderly buyers I showed it to were very impressed by its price and condition, but unfortunately, one of them has bad knees, and was afraid the climbing of that flight of steps would be a painful chore on a daily basis. Oh well, I’m sure there’ll be a younger buyer for it, which I’ve always considered being its targeted new owner.

Of all the condos that have been listed and sold since that’s been on the market, I’d say there’ve been a number of missed opportunities for those who’ve paid more, and received less when I’ve made my comparisons. The younger ones that’ve looked at it, turn up their noses on the kitchen, but little do they realize, kitchens really aren’t that expensive, and especially if one would go with mid-priced cabinetry.

What I’ve also pointed out to buyers I’ve shown it to, is the size of the owner’s furniture which is much larger than what most people have, and unfortunately distorts the actual size of its living area. There’s no question the furniture is attractive, but certainly meant for a much larger unit.

It seems every week I’m reminded of how much more I have to work at getting our younger buyers to see past out-of-style wall colors, unpopular furniture, and inexpensive fix-ups. I’m nearly convinced that our dearly beloved social medias and the internet have weakened their abilities to easily envision what a home would look like if there were a few low-cost changes made. Instead of walking away from a home because it has mauve walls, why not try envisioning what they would look like if they were painted your favorite color?

Just today, I took the liberty to peel off about five of those silly stickers people place on the walls of their living areas. If I’ve seen one, I’ve seen 20 of those stickers in a bedroom that read something like, “Always kiss me goodnight.” I thought they’ve fallen out of favor, but somehow they’re still “sticking” in there.

I’ll never be able to get it into the minds of people the idea you don’t have to paint all the walls blue, just because it’s your favorite color, because it’s always better in the long run to go with more neutral shades, and then use your favorite bold colors in your pillows, upholstery, and wall hangings. Unless a home has a great amount of natural light filtering in, the use of darker wall colors and heavy window treatments, can unknowingly keep a home from selling quickly because deep colors make poorly lit rooms appear much smaller than they actually are. But on the flip-side, large rooms with tall ceilings and gobs of light, require the darkening and softening of that room’s “volume”. The wall colors in my office is a good example of creating such a balance, and for me, it’s worked near perfectly from the time I moved into that building over ten years ago.

My second showing today was at one of those homes that were acquired by its current owners from one of those nasty tax sales, and almost always, they’re in terrible condition, and today’s showing was no exception. The moment we walked in, the smell of animal and/or human urine was so strong, I was beginning to taste it. That home would need a new kitchen and bath update, all the floors refinished, plaster repaired, and a much needed shingle job. Let’s not even talk about the time and expense it would take to make those smells go away. I knew the buyers wouldn’t like it before we walked in the door, but aren’t all of us Realtors, here to serve?

It made me a little sad, and all the more angry that whomever lived there allowed it fall into such dis-repair. There’s no question it was built by someone with money to spend, and meant to be his or her own public confirmation of wealth at the time. But as with many, it had some so-called “modernizing” updates done that took away much of its original character. I’m glad we didn’t spend much time walking thru it because that house was giving me the creepy-creeps. I have no idea why, but whomever cleaned out that house, left what looked like a once water-logged religious book on the toilet seat, along with a vintage high-heeled shoe stationed atop it. I don’t even want to consider what sort of message was being sent.

After a second showing of a rental today, it looks like we have another one of them rented, and starting at the beginning of this next work week. I’ll now have to get a lease prepared for the new tenant to sign before our appointment early Monday morning. Marketing rentals is much like selling homes, and most tenants don’t realize that filling out a rental application is much like completing a loan application, and just like banks, if the income is weak and revolving credit is high, then there’s likely going to be a problem making monthly rental payments. Yes, everyone’s spending habits are different, but besides the rent, there are still those hard costs of living in a home that never away.

Tonight’s one-liner is: If you want to be loved, work all the harder at being lovable.

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