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Yours truly certainly got his workout this morning with the shoveling of that heavy snow our dearest Mother Nature dropped on us yesterday, but at least there wasn’t any more than expected. I even went the extra mile and shoveled some walks belonging to others because someone had done similarly for me overnight. We must always remember it’s best to pay forward, rather than having to pay back.

The the rest of my morning was spent in my storage area with the moving of file cabinets around so I would have room for another one which I’ll be placing into service for the year 2020. While moving boxes and files, I discovered two table leaves which I was almost certain belonged to one of the pieces of furniture that went out of my office yesterday. I cleaned them up, and then called that young family to tell them I may possibly have the extra leaves for their dining table. They were all the more delighted I had them, and will likely pick them up on Monday. It was quite the happenstance I found them, because there were boxes of old files stacked above which I hadn’t moved in years.

Even though I spent hours there, I still have more cleaning and arranging to do before I’ll consider that room prepared for another year. It’s amazing how much paper gets accumulated over a year’s time because of the size most home-sale files have grown. Believe it or not, back when I first started working as a Realtor, there was only one sheet of paper that was used to list a home, and one sheet to sell it, and if you don’t believe me, I still have them filed away for the sake of old times. And to think we now have between 13 and 15 pages that have to be signed and initialed just to get a home listed!

I showed up at my public open house about ten minutes early, just so to get all the lights on and doors unlocked. The home is looking all the better each time I’m there, and hopefully it’ll soon attract the attention of our first-time buyers. There wasn’t as much activity on it as I would’ve liked, and possibly because we’re still only three days out from New Year’s Day. Irregardless of the poor turnout, I’m going to keep promoting that grand home.

During the time I was there alone, I did a little sketching of what I’d do with the second and third floors, just so to bring it in line with what that home would be worth after it was tricked out. I can now see in my mind’s eye what it would look like, and believe you me, it would be a beauty both inside and out. All we need now, is a young couple who can see what I see, and willing to work for it.

After my open house, I picked up my signs, and then drove across town to do a preview of a home that was just listed. Since there were no interior photos of it, my curiosity got the best of me because I’ve admired the exterior style of that home for years. I knew it would be coming on the market soon because the owner of it recently passed away who was over 100 years old. I’d never personally met him, but from what people in those blocks have told me over the years, he was a very kind old gent.

After walking in the front door, I suddenly felt as if I’d stepped back over a 100 years in time. Really! In all the years I’ve sold real estate, I’d say that home is in the top five of those I’ve considered having been trapped in time. After walking thru it, I absolutely could not believe that bachelor lived there all those years without making any changes. Believe it or not, the single basin cast iron sink in the kitchen has only one faucet sticking out of the wall. The wiring is all original, and even the light switches have turn-knobs above the bulbs. The floors are all well-worn wood except for a disintegrating piece of old linoleum in what appeared to be the solarium.

After I left, a deep sadness came over me regarding the solitary life that gentleman must’ve lived, because he likely didn’t have many visitors considering the condition of the home, or he must’ve had other interests that kept him away so far away, to where he basically used it as only a place to eat and sleep. There’s no question whomever purchases it, will have some big ticket updating to do, and the first thing would be the wiring. Any home inspector would have a heyday with that structure considering how extra picky some of them get when poking their heads in every nook and cranny.

Before calling it a day, I took in a church service, and as chance would have it, I found myself parked in a pew next to a young client of mine. You may consider me a bit wicked when saying I mentioned to him as we were walking out, “Having a few moments to speak with you here, was certainly the highlight of my visit to this church.” I also soulfully mentioned how much I wished the best for him because he is one of the nicest young gentlemen. He likely doesn’t consider himself part of that dying breed of those who are “we” thinkers, instead of being all about “me” believers.

Tonight’s one-liner is: No one ever reached the worst of a vice in one leap.

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