Would-be Kings

Thinking we were too close to the end of the year for me to get another sale under my belt and closed before the end of the year, I was proved wrong by managing to get another home purchase put together today that just happened to be a cash sale and scheduled to close before the end of this month. Yeah!

With all the banks doing their customer appreciation gatherings, the loan officers have been busy with them, instead of working on some direction I need on one particular sale I’m trying to get put together. I was supposed to have an answer yesterday, and because of all the hoopla, I couldn’t even get one today. Thank goodness my buyer and and seller are being patient.

I started freaking out when seeing it begin to snow, but it was short-lived to the point of being nothing more than a light dusting. As we inch closer to the end of the year, It’ll be good if the snow stays away and the temps remain higher so that we can at least chalk the months of November and December off our list of troublesome ones which have been known in past years to turn very ugly.

I had planned on having a public open house tomorrow, but the sellers mentioned their home not being quite ready, so it’ll be a “fly-over” weekend of an open house for me. Not to worry because I have enough things to keep me busy tomorrow as long as it’s not nasty outdoors, and I just happen to have two grand homes to show on Sunday.

While driving past the new ice area Downtown, I noticed a large number of people coming and going from its interior, which reminded me that today was their scheduled ribbon-cutting ceremony, and later glad I wasn’t there because of what someone who’d been there having mentioned of how disappointed they were in the over-all quality of workmanship. I was in near dis-belief when hearing that even the painting under the ice was noticeably faulty. I couldn’t help being wicked by adding, “They must’ve used water-based paint and it started smudging and streaking.”

During these recent weeks while driving past the arena, I couldn’t help noticing those two tall outdoor runs of stairs on the west end which looked like they were either concrete or metal. Every time I see them I shutter due to their being exposed to the northwest wind and cold, which will make them exceptionally dangerous–especially at night.

An accidental tumble down those stairs would certainly do some major damage to falling bodies, and we all know how carelessly reckless people can be when they’ve taken in a bit too much giggle water during games. Like I’ve said, “I wish the absolute best for our City’s growth, but I can’t help being fearful of there being ominous financial storm clouds forming in our horizon that’ll be pounding on our citizens’ pockets for years to come.” And if that comes to pass, you can bet the natives of our great City will be struggling all the more to make ends meet.

Having received a bank’s green light on several of my recent sales, I went back to the storage room and prepared two sold signs which I then drove out to those homes and placed in their yards. I may sound a bit vain, but I do enjoy seeing them in the front lawns of homes I’ve sold because it’s my own way of saying to myself, “Good job Mr. Chodur.”

I’m a little disappointed in not getting more inquiries on the rentals I have posted online for several of my clients, but I did warn them that November and December are the worst months to get homes rented. For some reason, most people just don’t want to move during those months unless they absolutely have to. We had an eviction of a naughty monkey at the end of October, but managed to get it cleaned up and re-rented the middle of November which was a blessing.

When taking a moment to look at the online news, I wasn’t surprised to find Boris Johnson having been re-elected as Prime Minister of Great Britain. I have absolutely no idea why so many countries are electing noticeably right-leaning leaders who in time begin setting themselves up as would-be kings. Whatever happened to all the centrist world leaders we used to have? I swear our societies are moving in the direction of what
Mother Earth was like before the outbreak of WWII. Heaven help us if history repeats itself once again because there are now far too many countries in possession of nukes, and that’s all it’ll take is that first button being pushed by some maniacal hot-head.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Take the attitude of a student, never be too big to ask questions, and never know too much to learn something new.

Joe Chodur

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