Vanilla Wicked

Since I had a mid-morning appointment, I thought it best to go to an early morning church service instead of waiting until later. I walked in just as they were playing the entrance hymn, and with everyone standing, I didn’t make much of a scene when searching for a free pew.

After it was over and while walking out, I began wondering if I’m growing all the more critical of what’s being said, sung, and done during a given church’s Services. Today’s great annoyance was seeing an overly pious woman making copious amounts of reverential gestures. I fully understand the showing of reverence when in sacred spaces, but to be seated near the front row where everyone could see her, and then acting like that, I’m sure all the many believed she was in another one of her “look at me” religious modes. Oh well, God loves us all great and small.

Having not seen my friend in nearly two weeks, I went looking for her at their favorite Sunday morning haunt. Thank goodness I found them there and went up and asked where she’d been because I was beginning to wonder if she was having health issues.
My worries were dispelled after being told she’d been on vacation, and all was well on her side of the fence.

What makes her such a delight, is her refreshing candor as well as being just a tiny bit vanilla wicked. We both got some good laughs this morning when talking about several people we’ve crossed paths with, and one of them being a gentleman who always likes to act like the big-daddy business tycoon, and since she couldn’t recall what he looked like, I was not nice by saying, “How could you forget his head that’s shaped like a basketball?” I didn’t realize I was going to hear roaring laughter from all sides after that comment, but I guess most generally don’t draw inanimate or animal comparisons when describing a person’s looks.

Certainly you’re heard someone being referred to as a “stone face”, and of course you’ve heard, “His face is so long, he could eat corn thru a picket fence.”, along with the side-profile of someone resembling a “opossum face”, or even seeing a person walking “pigeon-toed”, “bull-legged”, or “bowed legs”. Now if you haven’t heard such comparisons, I guess you’ve lived a very sheltered life. I’m still trying to make some sort of non-human comparison to how these young men appear when walking down the sidewalks with their drop-crotch drawers hanging almost down around their knees. When is that fad ever going to fall out of popularity?

I arrived at my late morning appointment to list 818 N. Pennsylvania, and glad the sun was shining so I could get some good photos. I have it posted everywhere online, and in spite of it being close to Christmas, I’m hoping it’ll sell quickly since it’s in a price range where we’re experiencing a shortage here in Mason City.

There’s been some recent big ticket items done on it that cannot be over-looked which are the nearly new thermal windows, and very attractive permanent siding. The wiring has been updated, the furnace and central air are newer, and there’s been a fresh coat of interior paint given.

This particular home’s size is very deceiving from the street, because once inside its spaciousness is revealed. The second floor has a monster bedroom and another un-finished area that could be turned into yet another bedroom. There’s no question in my mind that if several walls were built to create a hallway, there could easily be three bedrooms upstairs, and if that were done, that home would have five full-sized bedrooms.

In these times where parents want their children to have their own bedrooms, this one would fit the bill, so if you know anyone who’s on a budget, and looking for quality of construction, all the updates, and generous room sizes, please share what you know about my new listing at 818 N. Pennsylvania here in Mason City.

After getting today’s listing posted, I went back to my little/big project and worked for several hours until it was time to throw in the towel. Slowly but surely I’m getting closer to the end of a very long tunnel. I was hoping to have it finished before winter arrived, but my available free time just wasn’t there.

Tonight’s one-liner is: True friendship ought never to conceal what it thinks.

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