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Had the wind not been blowing today, I believe it would’ve been another beautiful sunny day, and having to be out of the office on appointments, I had to keep myself bundled against that biting wind.

Back when I was much younger and doing my evening jogs, if there were even the slightest cold breezes, I’d have to keep my mouth covered or I’d develop a nagging cough. I guess everyone’s physical constitution is different, where some have no problem breathing in cold air, while others can’t take it, which is one more reason why I dislike winter.

Every time I see a snowmobiler out racing thru tundra-like fields, I shake my head and wonder, “Can’t you find anything better to do than testing your body’s endurance against such cold?” Whenever hearing about a snowmobile accident out in a field, I shudder at the thought of how much frostbite may have been sustained. Most don’t know how bad it can be to where fingers, toes and even more body parts are lost because of it. It’s funny how many in the general public don’t know how much permanent damage can be done to one’s body as an end result.

There have been times when I’d share stories about my great fear of being trapped in a snowbank and end up freezing my fingers and toes when out carrying pails of feed and water to animals in various buildings back when I was a youngster on our working farm. Of course with today’s mechanized farming practices, you’ll likely not find anyone carrying any amounts of feed or water to barnyard animals during the winter. Oh how times have changed.

While out on an errand today, I just happened to hear a story about a group of people who were outwardly showing their so-called generosity of time and money during one of our seasonal fund drives. The more I listened, the more internally annoyed I grew because I was convinced it was all being done as a publicity stunt, and it sounded like all the many were getting sucked into that “circus of giving”.

Without a doubt, I’m a great believer in giving, but when we have to “stage” our acts of generosity, there’s little or no so-called grace received because of the original intent. This “look at me” giving is for the birds, and I think all the many should step back and learn what the real art of giving truly is.

I place on the highest of pedestals, those who give freely and quietly with absolutely no strings attached, because it’s those nasty strings that keep us from becoming better people. Most don’t realize that giving in such a manner, benefit both the givers and receivers, and you can be sure that any time someone starts pressuring me to give to a charity, I rapidly start backing away because of that person’s attempt to “shame” me into gifting. Now that’s not what I’d call making a choice to freely give.

My late afternoon appointment took me out to list a home I’ve been waiting for months to get on the market. Well, I’m pleased to announce that it’s officially listed for sale. The home has been in the same family for 33 years and likely because it had worked well for them all that time. It’s located at 114 – 11th St. NE and places it in the “Oak Park Addition” which has been a very popular neighborhood over the years.

It needs some TLC, but all the big ticket items have been taken care of such as the newer furnace and air, updated wiring, and more. What I’ve always admired about the home is the grande open staircase, and its 3rd floor which is finished enough to where you could have a master bedroom and bath. Whomever built it, definitely had money because of all the oak woodwork and floors, including the finishing off of that 3rd floor. There’s no question it has a commanding presence on its block.

A home across the street which also has a finished 3rd floor, recently sold for $139,500 which doesn’t have the lot size this home has. I listed 114 – 11th St. NE for $84,500 and if you compare the two homes, I’d say the difference in price of $55,000 could go a long way in making my new listing a dream home come true. Because there’s a one-way alley at the rear, there’s more than enough room to build a monster 3 car garage out back. The possibilities this home offers are endless. What a great Christmas present it would make for yourselves!

Tonight’s one-liner is: As a child, my family’s menu consisted of two choices: take it or leave it.

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