Petrifying Stories

I hope you all had one howling of a night last night due to there being a full moon. With the cloud cover, it wasn’t as noticeable for those who like to watch the ever-changing landscape of our night skies. I’m a real believer in the moon’s effect on plants and animals, and especially the humans. There’ve been many stories told by clerks working at all-night convenience stores in how troublesome their customers can be, and I wouldn’t be surprised if even our law enforcement officials are of similar beliefs.

Another heavy enough dusting of snow occurred today to where I had to go out twice and sweep it off the front sidewalks at my office. If this keeps up, I’ll be buying a new broom come Spring to replace the one having worn out from this winter’s use.

With several closings coming up next week, I spent most of the morning preparing documents for the banks so they’ll have everything they need long before those days arrive. It looks like there’ll be several happy families getting settled in before Thanksgiving, and with the weather we’ve be having, they’ll be all less stressed knowing they got in before our weather worsens.

I did have to drive over to a bank to get some payoffs on loans, and when visiting with the loan officer, he asked how I liked working out of my existing office since he knows how many real estate offices I’ve worked in these long years. Without hesitation I said, “Of all the offices I’ve worked out of, and that includes the three offices I worked in when I was in banking, there’s no doubt I find my current office the most comfortable.” Once again he complimented me on how beautiful it is, but I had to interject by re-affirming, “For me, it’s just plain and simply comfortable.”

Anytime someone mentions how attractive my office is, I do appreciate the compliment because most have no clue how much work it took to get it to where it is. Yes, I do have to get the exterior facade restored more sooner than later, but the bulk of it’s finished. There’ve been times when I’ve seen the look on the faces of people that’ve stopped by for the first time. They usually don’t say anything, but there is a definite look of surprise. Too funny.

I spoke with the owner of 415 – 1st St. SE this afternoon, and we decided it’s time to have another public open house this coming Saturday. I recently took new photos of it which I’m hoping will generate some good activity. There’s been some noticeably positive changes that’ve also been done which I think the prospective buyers will like. As far as I’m concerned, that location alone should’ve had it sold months ago.

One of my dear customers stopped by today for a nice chat and I was glad to see her because we’d not visited in months. To my surprise, she informed me there’s now a new custom kitchen in her home and she’s loving it. I sold her the home over a year ago and at the time, she mentioned that its kitchen configuration wasn’t to her liking which would be a future project for her. I could see in my mind’s eye what it must now look like and for sure the value of that home has now increased. Everything else about her home was in exceptionally good repair, so I guess if that’s all it took was the installation of a new kitchen to make it picture-perfect, then that’s what it had to be.

I asked her how she likes living here compared to the metro area she spent nearly her entire life, and to my delight she informed me how much better she likes Mason City. No more heavy traffic, no pollution, a slower pace, and cheaper costs for goods and services were some of her positive remarks about living in North Iowa. As I’ve said many times, our City fathers need to start promoting Mason City as being a preferred retirement city.

Having spent a great deal of time with her when showing her a number of homes, and also she being closely related to some clients and customers of mine, we grew more open with the sharing of our thoughts and beliefs about family, friends, and society in general. She’s definitely an old soul who can see thru the superficials we encounter on a daily basis. Her visit was a much needed “refreshing” on my part.

My last showing of the day was a rather unremarkable home that some buyers I’ve been working with wanted to see. Little did they know I was fully familiar with it from a number of years ago which afforded me the opportunity to share everything I knew about it. It’s yet another home in our City that would have some petrifying stories to tell if its walls could only speak, and you can be sure the reason most people install suspended ceilings in their homes, is because there are heavily cracked ceilings above. Out of sight and out of mind…or perhaps not.

Tonight’s one-liner is: My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.

Joe Chodur

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