Settling for Slipshod

Another bitterly cold day came and went which I believe is going to convince nearly everyone that climate change is real and here to stay. Someone mentioned something today about a wicked snow storm that hit parts of the Midwest on Veterans Day back in the 1940’s. I stood there and listened to her convincing story about how we’re just going thru a climate cycle, but deep inside I think she knew I wasn’t buying it, and likely even deeper inside, she knew she was wrong. Whenever hearing such weak defenses of the so-called “status quo” of our world’s climate, I’m left to believe there are too many with their heads buried in the sand along with an immense lack of unbiased education.

Most of my morning was associated with running little errands for several clients, along with checking on some work being done on a home belonging to one of my out of town clients. She made the mistake of ordering exterior work a bit late in the year and expecting the contractor to jump into it the next day. Unfortunately we live in a community with far too few good and fair-priced construction companies, and the ones that do make the bar, are usually backed up for months. Fortunately the one that’s doing it, had a job cancellation which opened up a time slot.

While visiting with one of my dear ones today, she mentioned having had some concrete work done by one of the best in our area which surprised me because I’d tried to get them to do some work for me, and when I called earlier this year, they said they were booked up until next Spring. As chance would have it, they were working down the block from her which made it easy for them to work it in. I’ve seen their work and their prices, and by far I’d say they’re the best. The one I ended up using was slower than a ten year itch, and when they did finally get there, I had to do more instructing than need be just so to get what I ordered.

You can bet they were more concerned about getting in, quickly finished, and have a bill handed to me the next day. After my first day of sidewalk supervising, I think they realized I wasn’t settling for slipshod work. Most don’t realize that once concrete is poured and set, there isn’t much you can do to fix a flub-up other than jackhammering it out and starting all over.

After receiving a message on my answering machine today, I became internally angry for having allowed myself to be overly distracted earlier this month because I’d forgotten to place a for sale sing in the yard of a new listing. I actually can’t remember the last time something like that happened. You can bet I moved like greased lightening in getting a sign out of the storage closet and placed in their front yard. A thousand pardons!

I’m getting exceptionally frustrated with a particular foreclosure company by the way in which they’re handling the sale of one of their listings, and of course the “powers that be” are located somewhere out on the East Coast. I’m beginning to wonder if they’re thinking we live in a hot sellers’ market where there’ll be buyers willing to pay almost asking price. Not likely. It makes one wonder if they hang on to all those foreclosed homes just so to justify the monthly fees they’re charging. I’m of the belief all these subcontracting companies which national banks and government agencies use to market their foreclosed homes, are creating more layers of expense and un-necessary bureaucracy. If we don’t get that offer put together, I think they’ll be wishing they’d taken it once our deep-freezing winter arrives.

I was a bit disappointed over the second showing last Friday of 1 Briarstone Court because it didn’t produce an offer, and when visiting with the buyers’ agent, I was informed they decided on another because they believed there wasn’t enough finished area in the basement. I thought that was a weak excuse because all the stub-ins are there for someone to add a full 3/4 bath. Another agent has a showing scheduled for the first of next week, so we’ll see how that one turns out. I’m still of the believe it’ll end up getting purchased by empty-nesters or a retired couple.

When in conversation with my “dear one” today, we happened on the subject of how noticeably families evolve after their last parent dies. We both agreed that real parents have a way of keeping all the various personalities of their children anchored to the values and beliefs they’d instilled in their children while growing up. Oft times it’s a combination of moral, social, and inter-family characteristics and customs which were passed down from generations before. Living in these times of anything goes, we find ourselves being bombarded by those who’ve never been instructed on decorum, thus giving them the belief they have license to say and do anything they want, and it’s just OK. I’m glad there are still others in our midst who continue adhering to rules that were laid down by our generational elder-family members. You just gotta love them.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Love is not to be purchased, and affection has no price.

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