A Race against Freezing

Thank goodness I arrived at the office earlier because I had a good deal of desk work to complete before the phones started ringing. It’s amazing how much a person can get completed when not being interrupted every five or ten minutes.

An email that came in overnight, was one that got me stirred up to the point where I went and dug out a closing file that took place towards the end of June. It appeared the buyers did not get their real estate tax statements mailed to their new home and somehow didn’t realize their September installment was due and now considered late, with a $42.00 penalty attached to them, and of course the person that got notified first, was the selling Realtor.

After visiting with the seller, and then the going over to our County Treasurer’s Office, I was internally angered once again when finding that office had not changed the mailing address on that tax bill. Nobody seems to be able to tell my why our Treasurer’s Office can’t get those mailing addresses changed as soon as they’re notified by the Auditor’s Office. We closed that sale on June 23rd and those tax bills went out towards then end of July. I’ve screamed about this for years, and it seems they continue to do the same thing to where I’m beginning to wonder if they do that on purpose in hopes of collecting all the more late fees from our County’s residents. You can bet if I were elected the County Treasurer, that would be the first thing I’d get corrected along with a number of other departmental flaws. It amazes me how weak some department heads are in taking care of their paying customers, and in County governments, it’s the general population they’re working for. I certainly don’t want to get started on how over-paid I believe they are for the positions they hold.

When I finally got everything squared away, I went back to my office thinking, “Now why did this avoidable situation even happen?” The amount of time I wasted on another oversight of our Treasurer’s Office should be billed back to the head of that department, but you can be sure there’d be another “flimsy” excuse given.

As chance would have it, I was in an office today where there was hanging on the wall, the most beautiful hand-made quilt. The more I looked at it, the more impressed I was by the time consuming and artistic ability of its creator. I thought it funny having just recently spoke about the art of quilt making. I can’t even fathom the number of hours spent creating one like I viewed this morning.

My afternoon was consumed with setting appointments, running errands, and visiting worksites. There’s no question the contractors are in a race against freezing temperatures. I noticed some even still shingling homes, and one in particular, was fortunately more protected against the winter wind ripping them off before they get sealed down next Spring. Yes, there are some areas of our City that are more immune to those strong winter winds.

A dear one gave me a terra cotta flower pot that was of a smiling pig today which I’ll certainly put to use in my front window. I’ll have to find some miniature succulents to plant in it and then place it in a conspicuous spot at the front of my office. I couldn’t have thanked the giver enough.

I had a late afternoon appointment with a couple who’ve decided to make another offer on a home they offered on over a month ago. At that time, the seller wouldn’t come down much in price, but now seeing that they’ve lowered the price on it below what they said was the least amount they’d take at the time, they figured they’d have another go at it.

Now that we’re past November 1st, many sellers are beginning to get nervous about holding onto vacant homes over the winter, which is understandable because of the extra worries there are with making sure furnaces are working and the shoveling is done.  There’s likely not one seller with a vacant un-sold home who’s looking forward to the coming months. I say, “Sell them, and get on with your lives!”

A landlord who was at my office today, shared another horror story about a tenant he just recently evicted. Whenever hearing tales of naughty monkey tenants who think they can treat another’s property in such a fashion, I continue kicking such incidents over to karma so she can teach them some really hard life lessons. As we all know, normal wear and tear is acceptable, but when willfully doing damaged, that’s un-forgivable. It comes as no surprise why many of the rental barons are charging all the more rent because they’re most likely factoring in the costs of repairs after their tenants move out. What’s unfortunate, is that the good tenants end up paying the price for what the bad ones do.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Next to sound judgement, diamonds and pearls are the rarest things in the world.

Joe Chodur

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