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I’m beginning to wonder if this chilly weather is going to continue on into November, and then grow colder without there being a warming reprieve. For several days I’d forgotten to wear my winter coat, but after today, I doubt it’ll be left behind considering how the sun no longer seems able to warm our days up.

It was a more quiet Monday than normal and likely because of how chilly it was outdoors. Yes, when January rolls around, we’ll all think days like today were heat waves. As with each year, it takes a few weeks for us to get accustomed to the cold, just as it does for us to acclimate to the heat when Spring rolls around once again.

I’m still in dis-belief how early some of the stores have their Christmas goods out. I think Menards has had theirs already out for weeks now. As far as I’m concerned, this commercialism of Christmas has grown far out of hand, and what’s crazy about it, the shoppers are continuing to buy into it. I don’t even walk down aisles that packed with that stuff. It’s no wonder Affordables has such a good following of buyers when you see all the boxes of unwanted personal items dropped off on a daily basis. I’m still confused as to how so many of these so-called non-profits can get away with not paying real estate taxes, and as we all know, whenever there’s another property dubbed a non-profit, and subsequently real estate tax free, there’s an added burden to the rest of our tax-paying public.

I know there’ll be some who’ll hate me for saying this, but I’ve always considered non-profits a bit of a joke because it gives many of them license to pay themselves all the more so at the end of the year, they make sure to have a “non-profit”. If you look at many of the scams that’ve been exposed over the years, a number of them were not-for- profit. I forget what mega-church it was, but I remember reading something not long ago where the leading pastor actually justified having a very expensive jet or possibly even two. I guess if the money’s there and within reach, they find all the more self-indulgent things to spend it on. Right?

Late this morning I went with camera in hand, over to 415 – 1st St. SE and took a new set of photos of it. When I compared today’s to the ones I’d taken when I listed it, I definitely noticed a positive difference. The above photo is the new shot of its curb-side view. Fortunately, the sun and light cloud cover was what did the trick. If you know anyone looking for a grand home in the Rock Glen area, please have them give me a call because I’m definitely on a burn to get that home sold.

I’ve been working diligently at getting several closings arranged for the end of this week, and growing a little nervous over one of them because it’s being funded by an out of town mortgage company. Back in the beginning, I did warn the buyers about how slow some of them can be, so if it doesn’t close on time, they’ll have themselves to blame.
As far as I’m concerned, I’d rather keep as much of my business as local as possible because those people are living here and contributing to our community.

Later this afternoon I went out to 422 S. Tennessee Place and visited with the owner about having another public open house this next week. Without a doubt, that unit is the best buy in today’s market, and unfortunately, the bulk of the condo buyers can’t see it. Some have said there’s the issue with it being on the second floor and no elevator. Well, of all the chair lifts that are offered for sale both new and used, when and if the time would come where one was needed, the installation would be less than a day’s job. There is already one on the stair leading to the basement, so there you are, problem solved.

I had a nice chat with a colleague today about the future of our community, and while visiting with him, we both agreed that no matter how much the “powers that be” want this or that to happen, they have to look at the whole picture with realistic eyes which would then illuminate the core problems that’ll continue to hold us back until they’re corrected. It’s sort of like building a bridge across a wide river, and when after it’s completion, it’s suddenly realized their new bridge leads to nowhere. You may wonder why such bridge builders never bother investigating the other sides, but my belief is that they’d spent too much time convincing everyone of its need, while spending no time exploring the other side. Make sense?

I’m sure you all have been noticing the new apartment complex is starting to rise at the south end of Southbridge, and what surprised me today, was seeing those workers laying block in such cold weather. They must have some sort of special mortar that’s frost-proof because it’s been freezing every night these recent days. I’m not so sure that would be a place where I’d want to be living because of all the noisy traffic barreling past. And you gotta admit, the views being offered aren’t gonna be the most delightful. Well see how it goes.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Taste is the result of a thousand distastes.

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