Spinning their Yarns

I was exceptionally disappointed when finding the sun having disappeared behind the clouds this morning. If we’re going to have gray days, then they should be contained within the workweek while being banned from weekends. I was so much hoping it was going to be another beautiful day for Prairie Place on 1st open house and then my scheduled showings afterwards. Oh well, Mother Nature had other plans for us.

My morning was spent doing some domestic work around my office, along with making a few stops at several of my vacant listings just to make sure their furnaces were up and running. While driving about, there were a noticeable number of those hooded people with backpacks hurriedly zig-zagging their way down the streets. There must’ve been a Bible study they were headed to. Ha!

As half past 12:00 rolled around, I headed over to Prairie Place to get everything readied before the time arrived. About five minutes after it started, the first visitor appeared. I spent some time going over the details before showing her the directions of the units still available. After she left, there were others coming and going. By closing time, I’d say it was a good turn-out, but I think it would’ve been better if it were a more pleasant day.
At least I wasn’t seated there alone with time heavy on my hands.

One of the couples I was expecting to come for a second look, must’ve had something else going on to where they couldn’t make it. I’m finding all the more people from out of town showing interest in those units than there are those living here which comes as no surprise because many of them prefer to be closer to all our City’s conveniences. I also believe it’s a compliment to the builders of Prairie Place because those who’re looking from the outside in, have a better view of our community’s dynamics. There’s no question that many of our current residents have some pretty skewed pre-conceived notions about where and where not to live in our fair City.

After wrapping everything up at my open house, I picked up my open house signs and then delivered everything back to my office as it was approaching the time for me to meet some buyers. They had three homes picked out they wanted to look at, and unfortunately, they couldn’t agree on any of them, so I looks like I’ll be doing all the more deep searching for something that’ll please the both of them. I have a “feeling” the home they’re going to purchase hasn’t yet been listed. One thing for sure, the home they’ll likely buy is one with an updated kitchen that’s generously sized. At least we’re all on the same page with what they want.

Before heading home, I stopped at the grocery to pick up a few things and while there, I ran into a gentleman whom I’ve known for a number of years. Since he’s quite the talkative chap, I was there much longer than expected. Isn’t it funny how some don’t get the hint when it’s time to stop talking? Oh well, I did get a good ear-full of local gossip which I considered a bit of an information overload. Any time I hear someone saying that woman are the worst gossips, I oft times interject by saying, “Oh but you haven’t been around enough men when they’re spinning their yarns.”

During a lull at my open house, one of the people in attendance took some time to talk about where she grew up and a bit of her life story which I found interesting. She laughed when saying how little many of our farmers of today know how terribly hard it was back in the 1940’s when trying to make a living on a farm where there was only one water source, which meant all their hogs and chickens had to have water carried to them.
She said the winters were the most difficult due to the added stress there was on themselves and their animals. I’m still of the belief that the reason why so many people in these times live to be so old, is likely because their bodies were all the more strengthened from all the hard physical work they had to do from the time they were able to carry a bucket or chase down an aberrant chicken. Isn’t it amazing how times have changed?

Being only five days away from the 1st of November, I’m in hopes everyone is all the more prepared for the winter ahead. It looks like there’s a great deal of yard clean-up needed in our City before the snow arrives. It seems like every year that passes, I see all the fewer young people out raking. I hope that’s not another indication of the chronic laziness that’s growing in our community.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Everything that used to be a sin is now a disease.

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