Fake It to Make It

It was a rather unremarkable day in just about every direction I looked at it, beginning with the this dark day accompanied by the cold drizzly rain that was working at turning into snow. I sure wouldn’t like to see a repeat of that Halloween ice storm we had a number of years ago which cut the power to a section of our City for days. It was quite the sight when seeing a row of electric poles along 19th St. SW leaning heavily to one side. Yes, there were other unfortunate happenings over the years on Halloween that have yet to leave my memory.

Once again, I found a good batch of emails this morning that had come in overnight which had to be answered straight away. The next little chore was to visit a bank and deliver a loan payoff on the home I closed yesterday afternoon. I was hoping to have a little visit with the loan officer while there, but I noticed she was in what looked like a morning meeting with other employees, so I saved that thought for another day.

When I returned to my office, I sat down and prepared an offer on a home here in the City for a young couple who’ll be moving here next month. I checked and double-checked the accuracy and then scanned and emailed the file to them. They would’ve made an offer while here, but weren’t completely decided upon which one of two they’d narrowed their selection down, but as of today, they had their choice made.

After returning from another appointment, I found the buyers had already signed and emailed the package back to me, so I printed the docs out and delivered them to the listing agent’s office. She wasn’t there, but her associate assured me they’d be promptly delivered.

With it being the noon hour, I decided to drive over to Southbridge Mall and have a look around since I’d not darkened their doors since Younkers closed. The parking lot was near empty which came as no surprise, and while walking in I noticed a number of “for rent” signs posted about.

I started at one end and went the entire round and I’d say that building looked more pathetic than I’d ever seen it. Someone mentioned that it was starting to come around, but the life I was seeing appeared in need of supports. Not being judgmental, I’d have to say a tattoo parlor, a sports memorabilia shop, a massage parlor, and a few others of the like, really didn’t give me the impression of good and lasting commerce.

I’d say the jewelry store and Victoria’s Secret were the most presentable of those open for business. As far as eateries, there are only two choices and they are the pretzel shop and Mr. Taco, and judging by the few standing at the counter of “Senior Taco”, their business also appears to be dropping off. I don’t know if it due to all the closed storefronts with their lights off, or if it was something else, because I was starting to get somewhat of a creepy feeling while walking those dimly-lit halls. It’s no wonder I didn’t see any seniors doing their power walking as I normally did when that mall was alive, because if I were them, I’d be a little fearful of being confronted by one of the “hoodies” I’ve seen heading in that direction from time to time.

Like many, I continue to hope for the best, but after seeing all those empty stalls, I’d say we must also start preparing for the worst because irregardless what other’s say, that mall is in dire need of some major self-sustaining therapy. You can bet there’ll be all the many more of our residents who’ll be seething if our City throws even more money into something which may in the end, go down for the last time. Just remember, willful waste brings woeful want.

The highlight of my mall-stroll, was happening upon a couple whom I’ve known for a number of years. They were just walking out of the jewelry store which prompted me to catch up with them for a chat since I’d not seen them for some time. Today was the day I announced to the husband how much I’ve admired him all these years by telling him that of all the buyers and sellers that’ve come and gone, I’ve considered him the absolute nicest because of how kind and thoughtful he’s been over the years which included some of the most trying times in his life. I know he was a little embarrassed, but I insisted that in these times, kind, thoughtful,and caring people like him need to be acknowledged for continuing to maintain their fine characters. Before we went our separate ways, I gave each of them an endearing hug.

My laugh of the day arrived while visiting with a gentleman about how too many in our work world don’t leave their personal issues at home, but rather take them to work and unknowingly mood-alter the rest of the group. How well I understood what he was saying because I’ve seen it far too often. I blame much of it on the weak skills of supervisors and managers who don’t put a stop to those who’re poisoning their work wells on a near daily basis. He laughed and said, “Yeah, at times I think we all need to fake it to make it thru our bad days.” Oh Mercy! I got a good belly-laugh while fully agreeing with him.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Make your thinking as funny as possible because the best ideas come as jokes.

Joe Chodur

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