Re-Visit of 112 N. Crescent Drive

I can certainly say this was quite an eventful day to where the hours seemed to fly by with all the many duties I had from the time I arrived at my office. Of course this rain was enough to make a person want to go out an spit, but as we all know, we can’t control the this crazy weather. You can bet I was exceptionally glad I got my outdoor work done yesterday because I would’ve been all the more stressed out by yet another delay due to rain.

Between the flood of emails and phone calls I received, my planned trip up to Forest City didn’t take place until the noon hour approached, and as I was driving up there, I continued to hope the office I need to visit wouldn’t be closed for lunch. The sun was breaking thru the clouds from time to time, and whenever it was shining, the hilly landscape of Pilot Knob State Park was very much photo worthy, but unfortunately I didn’t bring my camera along.

After hearing a true story about that pack of coyotes living in its wooded areas, there’s no way you’d catch me wandering down those narrow paths or thru those thick trees. The man recently telling me a hair-raising story about being out there after sunset on a winter’s evening and being stalked by them, was enough to make even he who’s a hardened hunter, fearful of being in a situation like that again. He believed they were all the more aggressive that night because of the chronic hunger that emboldens nearly all of our over-wintering wildlife.

To my delight, the office I needed to visit was open over the noon hour, so I went in and delivered the necessary documents and left. While walking back to my car I looked around to see if there was a carry-out, and as chance would have it, there was Subway shop in the next block, so I walked down.

Noticing they were promoting their “sliders”, I figured I’d try one. What a mistake! For $2.17 I should have stopped at a Casey’s for a slice of pizza instead of forcing myself to eat that thing. The young girl at the counter had to mention that extra veggies was not allowed, and only one small scoop of chopped beef, a couple of red onion slices, a thin half-slice of cheese, and some nasty tasting Chipotle dressing is what she handed me. The worst of it was that rock-hard bun she “slid” those ingredients into. Perhaps I did make the mistake when telling her I didn’t want it toasted, but then again, I would’ve been eating a hot hard bun. You can bet I’ll never order another “slider” from Subway.

While driving back on the Airport Road, I came upon the street sign, “Apple Ave.”, and on a whim, I decided to turn left and drive past several acreages I was very much familiar with, and one of them being a quirky homesite I sold about 15 years ago. I was happy to see the person I sold it to still lives there, and now has some fine looking rows of wind-breaking trees extending to the road. I turned around in it’s driveway and headed back in the direction I came, but I couldn’t help remembering my thoughts about that place and one particular person that lived there which resurrected one of my sayings being, “The best part of that acreage was seeing it for the last time in my rear-view mirror.” To this day, I’ll still swear that if those walls could talk, there’d be some hair-raising stories being told.

I’m of the belief that sites, homes, and buildings aren’t naturally poisoned, but rather by the people that’ve lived there over the years. You may think me crazy, but I’m convinced there are some sites that seem to hold energies from the past, and somehow have an effect on people living and working in and around them in our present. Not so long ago, I was turning the lights on in a basement of a home for sale just so I’d be ready for the buyer when he arrived. Just after I turned the light on, a dark shadow went over my head, and it creeped me out enough to where I logically went looking for whatever would’ve created it, and to no avail, I couldn’t justify what I’d witnessed. After the buyer arrived, I dismissed the idea of there being something un-natural in that basement and left it at that. Well, after being troubled by what I saw that day before, I went searching the next morning for answers, and not to my surprise, I discovered there was a suicide in that home. Hmmm. I’d wager there’s another lingering energy/entity within that residence.

When I arrived back at my office, I found that the exiting tenant of 112 N. Crescent Drive left a message saying they were out and I could go over any time and take photos. Not long after I’d returned several other calls, I headed over there so to finally get those much needed interior shots taken. When I walked in and to my displeasure, I found the tenants had already cancelled the electric which meant I had to take my photos in a darkened house. As much as I didn’t want to post them, I found it necessary to do it anyway because of how buyers always think all the worse when not able to see interior photos. Today’s re-visit of 112 N. Crescent Drive wasn’t to my liking, but at least all the “on-liners” can get an idea what the interior looks like, but please remember that darkened house distorted the perception of the home. The above photo is a new exterior one I took several days ago while the sun was shining. Irregardless what you may think, that home is a true diamond in the rough and with a little sweat equity, it would be worth all the many more thousands.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen.

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