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Oh, you can bet I was bristling when having discovered it raining this morning. Ugh! It seems these recent weekends have been plagued with rain, and especially annoying when many like me have specific days set aside to work on outdoor duties that are time sensitive. It’s looking like I’m going to have to take most of a day off this coming week from my normal job just to get caught up. I have to endearingly tease myself when saying, “Oh well Mr. Chodur, there’s no rest for the wicked.”

When I arrived at my office this morning, I was internally angry when seeing low mounds of hundreds and likely thousands of those evil locust tree leaves laying on my sidewalk all the wet and slimy. Whomever the weak-minded one was who gave the nod to plant those disgusting trees on N. Federal in the Streetscape Project, should take a crash course in Dendrology. Three different times today, I had to go out and work on getting them off the sidewalk because I had to wait until the sun dried them enough so they wouldn’t be sticking to those infamous pavers. What a joke! Of course with those wet leaves being so small, they were sticking to the bottoms of people’s shoes when they walked into my office, so of course I had to do more interior sweeping after they left.

What really gets me, is seeing that our City planted Ginko biloba trees in the courtyard area north of Southbridge Mall, and for sure some business owner must’ve put a big hold on planting Locust trees out there and managed to get it changed to Ginko trees because they hold onto their leaves until a hard frost, and then drop nearly all of them overnight. Good for them, but what about the rest of the Downtown having to deal with those millions of tiny leaves randomly dropping for weeks on end? It’s just another unfortunate example of people looking at ideas on paper and calling them good to go without taking the time to think forward and understand long-term effects of their “paper” choices.

There are some in our City who consider me being of a negative mindset, but in actuality, I’m closely entrenched within the circle of Realists who’re more up to speed on cause and effect over the long term, but unfortunately, we have so-called visionaries who have good intentions, but fail to take into consideration our weather, our demographics, our overall disposable household incomes, and political climates. Sometimes decisions that are made in our local government appear as though they’re trying to force a square peg down into a round hole.

My public open house today was a great success to where I had people coming and going the entire time. A young family was there for a second look, and considering the amount of time spent on the property, I’d say they’re all the more interested. There were several other couples in attendance who spent a great deal of looking as well, so I’ll have a good report to give the owners who’re all the more ready to have it sold yesterday.

After my open house, one of my associates called, and after getting past our normal chit-chats, we ended up on the subject of what the driving force is with most people. I pretty much listened while he went on about how and why people do the things they do, which is almost always centered around making money while raising their social status by showing off the abilities to conspicuously consume. He brought up names of certain “players” in this community whom I’m fully familiar with, and of course I couldn’t agree more with his observations. I’m sure he’s still wondering why I didn’t go into debate regarding his views, but I couldn’t because he was mostly correct, which is why I kept silent. After he was finished, we bid our farewells and wished each other a good day.

While I was working on getting my appointments set for tomorrow, I was expanding on what my associate said earlier, and the more I thought about his words, the more I realized how correct he was, and it made me a bit sad because I’m finding all the fewer people in these times marching to different drummers.

You can be sure the next time he calls, I’ll be the one doing the talking when it comes to our money-driven society. Most people really don’t know that I’m never really that impressed when listening to another’s gloating over the ability to amass wealth because it’s too mechanical to where you get a machine oiled well enough, put it in high gear, and it will nearly always start cranking out money. I’ve seen for generations where there’ve been those who’ve found their “niche” and had their “machines” in over-drive for years, and dumpsters filled with money that was made.

Well, without thinking very hard, I can name people who’ve worked their entire lives piling up profits while lifting their socio-economic status in our community, but unfortunately, death comes to us all, and when trying to remember things they did that were lasting, none came to mind.

What I believe we must all start doing on a yearly basis, is to create lists of accomplishments and then review them so to see if any would be considered something remarkable enough to live past the grave. Perhaps this is why I marvel at literary, artistic, and architectural projects which were nearly always singularly created, yet still “alive” for hundreds and even thousands of years. Perhaps if each year we all made personal assessments of ourselves, there’d be more left for future generations to marvel.

Tonight’s one-liner is: If you could kick the person in the pants responsible for most of your troubles, you wouldn’t sit for a month.

Joe Chodur

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