Equally Timeless

Goodness gracious, it was quite a change in weather today to where it was so cold, I was seeing people walking around with down-filled coats on, and for sure, those icy gusts of wind we were getting, was enough to send us all running to grab our windbreakers.

Thank goodness I didn’t have a morning filled with appointments because I had to get back to work on several files requiring my full attention. With about an hour of there being no interruptions, I was able to get everything updated on them. I fully understand why there are so many mistakes made by people when they’ve got their minds going in two or three directions. For as long as I live, I’ll never be able to understand how people can fully focus on their work when seeing them plugged into some sort of multi-media, when they should be completely focused on what they’re doing. Multi-tasking only works when doing something that requires little or no thought like filling egg cartons or peeling potatoes. I always have to laugh to myself when seeing a certain mail person carrying on continuous cordless phone conversations while delivering mail. Now that’s not a mindless potato-peeling job.

Around noontime, I received a call from an office in Hampton saying the documents I needed were ready, and asked if I wanted them mailed or if I would be picking them up. Without a thought I replied, “I’ll be on my way in 15 minutes.” Before I left the office, I remembered to take my camera so to take several photos while I was there. Thank goodness it wasn’t raining like yesterday, but those gusts of wind required two-handed driving all the way down and back.

I got there just before noon arrived, went and picked up the documents, and then headed back to my car to grab my camera and get a few good photos before leaving their charming community. There were two photos taken which I considered worthing of sharing with you all, and one of them being tonight’s. If you’ve never been to Hampton, I must tell you their historic courthouse is stunning. It’s too bad the sun wasn’t shining because I’m sure a person could get a shot of it worthy of a calendar. And to think, Mason City had a courthouse of similar style and age, but the “powers that be” at the time decided to buy the Standard Oil building which was more “modern”. Now tell me, how could any forward-thinking person ever allow something like our old courthouse to be torn down without replacing it with something equally timeless? I don’t believe our courthouse is one bit attractive or timeless, but of course it’s nothing more than a converted Standard Oil building.

I took another photo which I’ll share tomorrow, which is of their vintage War Memorial building. That also has a timeless architectural beauty which will continue to grace Hampton’s historic district for generations to come. One thing that did stand out while there, were the number of Hispanic restaurants and groceries. I also noticed quite a bit of Spanish language written on storefronts. I’m sure many of their patrons are families associated with the hog and chicken confinements that dot the landscapes of Franklin and Wright counties. I do know there are number of churches that offer services in Spanish in those two counties, which stands to reason when considering the number of Hispanics living there.

An offer came in on one of my recent listings today, and hopefully before the sun sets tomorrow, we’ll have it put together. It came as no surprise we have an offer on it already because the owner has made just about every improvement you can think of, and most of all, in manners befitting top-drawer professionals. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being particular, and especially in these times when seeing all these
“lipsticked pigs” selling for big bucks.

Alas our Hwy 65 is now open again which for sure was a long time coming, but unfortunately, only one of the two lanes are open. I could see the highway contractors all the busier in their attempts to get it completed before the hard frosts arrive. You can bet many of the residents living on those detour streets will be glad when all that diverted traffic is no longer barreling past their homes. Speaking of barreling, our City has got to do something about all those cars and pickup trucks driving around with their overly-loud mufflers. I was standing on the sidewalk of a street yesterday trying to carry on a conversation with a buyer, and because of the loud muffler noise, we finally had to go around the house to talk due to how loud those cars and pickup trucks were. Very annoying. But of course, I couldn’t help recalling what they used to say years ago about men who drive over-sized pickups with loud mufflers. I’m sure you’ve all heard something similar.

Tonight’s one-liner is: It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but rather the size of the fight in the dog.

Joe Chodur

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