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After my early morning appointment left, I busied myself with a file that’s going to be closing in several weeks, which created a necessity for me to drive to Hampton, and wouldn’t you know it, I drove all the way down, and then back up in rain. I was expecting light rain today, but not the amount we ended up getting. On a positive note, it couldn’t be a better time for buyers to check for basement seepage on days like this.

My appointment in Hampton didn’t take very long, and since it was nearing the lunch hour, I stopped at their Hardee’s for a side salad and one of their smallest hamburgers. I didn’t pay much attention to the cashier until she handed me a soft drink cup and a water cup. I handed her the cup back and told her I wanted only water. Oh what a fiasco! She took off the soft drink, but didn’t add the hamburger. I finally said, “Don’t worry about it. I’ll just have the salad.” Thinking she finally got the message, it wasn’t but five minutes later she comes with that hamburger. I got up and started walking to the register to pay, and when I got up there she said, “No charge. It was our fault.” I kept insisting I’d pay, but they wouldn’t hear of it, so back to my table I went to finish my half free lunch. I really don’t like getting free things at eateries, and today’s was just another example of people not paying attention to what they’re doing on those computerized ordering screens.

When I got back to my office, I returned some phone calls that came in, and then back out in the rain I went to get some inside measurements and take a few exterior photos. When I walked back to my car, there were a half dozen Mallard ducks feeding on some grain someone must’ve thrown out for them. I like watching ducks and geese, but when we start feeding them, they can become pests to where they’re always hanging around wanting more.

A dear friend of mine who lives out of town, somehow managed to gain the trust of a red fox that arrives at her patio every morning and lingers at a distance until she gives it something to eat. I think this has been going on for a year or more, and now she’s finding herself a bit of a slave to feeding that fox. I did warn her not to be causing that fox to be overly-dependent on getting fed by her every day. As much as I enjoy seeing foxes, I insist they’re wild animals that need to be enjoyed at a safe distance so they remain wild.

The home I listed today is located at 112 N. Crescent Drive which is a home that I’ve admired for years. It’s part of an estate that has to get closed more sooner than later, which is why we priced it at $95,000 which is below its current assessed value.

What a rock solid home! The big yard alone should sell it because most homes in that district have smaller lots. I love its grand elevated front porch which would be a perfect place to enjoy summer evenings. I didn’t take any interior photos of it because the occupants are busy packing and should be fully moved out by the end of the month.  With so many boxes around, any photo taken, would’ve been bad.

For being a California bungalow built in 1917, it sure has some size to it. I think the main floor has almost 1,200 square feet which is much more than you’d normally find. There are 2 bedrooms and bath on the main floor, and then another 3/4 bath in the unfinished basement, an abundant amount of oak woodwork, a charming breakfast nook, and a walk-up attic. There’s a newer 2 car garage with opener, and a small patio out back.

If you know of anyone wanting to be close to the hospital, this home would be a good fit because of its upside potential of being worth far more than what we’re asking. The above photo is one of the exterior shots I took today.

On my way home I stopped at HyVee to pick up a few things, and when the gal checked the apples, they rang up a dollar more per pound and under a different name. Ugh! Of course there was line of people waiting behind me while the clerk had to get her supervisor to correct the computer entry, and then they wanted to wait while I went back to get the “right” apples, but I continued to insist not, until they finally placed them in the returns. I could hear her telling the supervisor that some of the apples have been ringing up wrong. It’s too bad we’re becoming all the more dependent and slave-like to computers in these times.

Tonight’s one-liner is: What is called resignation, is confirmed desperation.

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