Into a Huddle

I’m sure there were many squealing over the rain we were getting today, and especially the festival goers and vendors over at Clear Lake. There’s no doubt many of those in attendance were donning rainwear and carrying umbrellas up and down their downtown.

Thank goodness my public open house wasn’t until 1:00 pm, because those morning open houses being hosted by competing real estate agents must’ve all been a near rain-out.

I did get half-drenched later this morning when I went out on a pre-listing appointment which I was expecting to be ready to list in the near future, but when I arrived, I found the owners just a the beginnings of the whole process. If and when it does get listed, it’ll likely be some time from now.

My public open house was a great success to where there were people coming and going the entire time I was there, and thankfully it wasn’t a mad rush at the beginning or towards the end. After all the rain we’ve been getting, I was happy to find only a small trickle of puddling in one of the corners of the basement laundry area.

One of the couples happened to be back for a second look and I believe they’re liking it better than they did when seeing it for the first time last weekend. I had a nice chat with them before they left, and hopefully they’ll come to a decision and purchase it because it’s certainly priced right for our current market.

After my open house, I headed out to another side of town to show a home to some people who’d asked to see it. As chance would have it, I’d been in that home a number of years ago and my memory served me well enough to where I even remembered the name of the person living there at the time.

I’m not sure who it was that put the price tag on it, but I’d say it’s way over-priced for what it has to offer. I made sure to point out some of the tell-tale issues it appeared to have, so in spite of it being relatively presentable, the buyers gave it a big fat “No” while walking out. But on a positive note, I think I now have an idea of what type of home they’re looking for, which will be of immense help.

Since I didn’t have another appointment after that showing, I decided to attend a local church Service. I happened to be a few minutes late, but since they were standing and reading something before it started, I was able to sneak un-noticed into a vacant pew.  Several of the ladies who live over at Prairie Place on first were seated ahead of me, which gave me an opportunity to share a few words with them.

Whenever I’ve been in that church these most recent years, I’ve found it all the more “cold” because of the overly-bright white lighting they’d installed. I remember years ago, that particular church’s lighting being more soft and not so glaringly “in your face”. I’ve always considered sacred spaces having the type of lighting that’s warm and inviting instead of the kind you’d find in an ice arena which is something similar to what that church installed. Whomever gave the “nod” on hanging that form of lighting must’ve been looking only at cost savings instead of mood enhancement.

The minister’s sermon was good, and hopefully the congregation remembered his words and will put them into action because there are too many who hear sermons, but don’t listen and take them to heart.

After the Service was over, I walked out with a couple I’ve not spoken with for many months, and all the glad we had a good chat. The wife who continually reminds me of one of my deceased relatives, always gives me a hug before walking off. I’m of the firm belief she and I are kindred spirits. The both of them are quiet pillars of our community who’ve worked very hard and given back even more. The husband made me laugh when he reminded me how surreptitious he can be while attempting to work and live in today’s world.

The above photo is one I took yesterday which I thought a good example of how small groups of people in power can go into huddle, and without warning, break out with new rules, decrees, and judgement calls for the general public. It bothers me at times when seeing decisions that affect everyone, being near-secretly made by a very select few. Perhaps that’s why I never liked football because of having to go into that necessary tribal-like huddle. I’m now of the thought that whenever making comments like these, I should be like one of our local newspaper reporters, and end such thoughts with his canned, “Silly me.”

Tonight’s one-liner is: Be careless in your dress if you must, but at least keep a tidy soul.

Joe Chodur

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