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Our weather has certainly cooled down in a hurry to where I actually had to turn the heater on in my car this morning as I was traveling to work.  But what can we expect when knowing we’re on a fast track out of our month of September?  It doesn’t surprise me in the least when knowing we haven’t even had a light frost considering how climate change has be affecting our planet.  The experts keep saying there’s going to be an average rise of two or three degrees in the next 20 years, but I’m of the opinion there’ll be areas where it’ll be much greater.

About a week ago I spoke with a gentleman who was visiting here from New Zealand,  and somehow we got on the subject of weather.  He mentioned they don’t have the frosts they used to get when he was growing up.  I’d say he’s likely in his upper 50’s in age, which means they’ve also been experiencing similar changes over these past 30 years.

I’ve already begun to wonder how long people living in States like Florida, Arizona, Texas, and New Mexico are going to endure living in those hot spots during the summer months.  Just this past year, I’ve sold two homes here in North Iowa to residents of several of those States who’ve decided they’re going to winter down there and summer up here, and mainly due to the higher summer temperatures they’ve recently been enduring year-over-year.  I’ll not be surprised if it becomes a growing trend with our seniors.

I read that article today regarding the owner of Southbridge Mall now owing over $333,000.00 in real estate taxes, and part of that being last year’s taxes that went to tax sale.  For the life of me, I’ll not understand why they’re continuing to move forward with the building of that ice arena, along with all the other improvements that are being made when the character of its ownership is so questionable.  And please don’t get me on the subject of that dinosaur Music Man Square which should have been dead years ago if that foundation hadn’t continued to pump so much money into it every year.  I’ll never understand how a non-profit like that can survive in the red so long without someone in Meredith Wilson’s Foundation finally saying, “You’ve wasted enough of our foundation’s money all these years and now it’s time to permanently turn our money faucet off.”

On the positive side, I did manage to get a lower-priced sale closed today which was a great relief for both myself and the seller.  As we were walking out, the owner did mention how it had served its purpose well these past fifteen years, and now ready to move forward with renting where there’ll be no more worries about maintenance and up-keep. It was just another example of how priorities change after retirement and the onslaught of health issues begin.

I couldn’t believe how busy I was today with administrative duties, phone calls, emails, and appointments.  I actually didn’t have time for a lunch break, so I drove thru Culver’s and ordered their smallest hamburger.  The big surprise was finding that little hamburger costing $2.99, while also being reminded how I really don’t like the waiting time for them to bring that bag to my car, but the real kicker, was when I got back to my office, opening that wrapper, and looking at that burger.  Would you believe there was no catsup, no mustard, and not even one slice of pickle on it.  It was only a thin burger between a bun.  I took one bite of it, wrapped it back up, and then into the garbage it went.  The main reason it went there so quickly, was how overly sweet the bun tasted, and for me, sweet tasting white bread is a definite reject.  Why is it that every edible being sold in these times, has to have so much sugar added? If it’s not overly-sugared, then it’s overly-salted.

The highlight of my day was getting a home listed that’s located at 413 – 19th St. SE here in Mason City. The above photo is of the street-side shot, but please make sure to look at the interior photos because it’s much larger and more open than you’d ever imagine.  If there’s someone looking for a move-in condition home here in the City, that’s definitely the one.  I really like the open kitchen/dining/living area concept, and above all, the big picture window facing the rear yard.  I’m pretty sure it won’t last long on the market because of how large it is, and exceptionally well cared-for.

Even though it’s on 19th St. SE, that four-way stop sign is only one house from the property line which offers more ease of pulling in and backing out of its driveway.  The yard is fenced, there’s a workshop attached to the garage, and a huge play area for children out back.  What a great place for a first-time buyer or someone stepping down in price range.  After giving it a good look-over, I’d say it’s gonna sell soon to some lucky buyer.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  People may not say what they mean…but they always say something designed to get what they want, and oft times it’s only attention.

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