The Acts of a Few

These dark and rainy days are getting to be rather annoying to the point where it’s almost like the movie “Ground Hog Day”, and you can be sure the temperaments of the general public has been reflective of it. I haven’t heard anything to substantiate it, but I’d wager this southerly wind and rain is the by-product of the pounding Texas is getting from that tropical storm that came ashore. I fully remember days like this, but not as many back-to-back.

My first order of the day was to go and help someone move some things that needed more than two hands. I was happy to help and glad neither one of us were bruised or battered. At least we were able to get it done between today’s light rains.

I had a mid-morning showing on a home that’s been on the market longer than normal, and after getting a good look at it, my only reason for it not having yet sold, was the price. Since I’m not a crystal ball reader or mouse in a corner, I’d say someone dropped the ball on pricing it because as far as I’m concerned, it’s $15K-$20K over-priced. I know there’ve been others in that neighborhood that’ve over-sold, but they sat on the market for sometimes years before selling. I have no clue why real motivated sellers place high price tags on their homes when they know that their clocks are ticking away on costs for utilities, taxes, insurance, and upkeep, and continue to tick until they’re finally transferred to new their new owners. Even after adding up all those “ticks”, there’s no way a person can calculate the amount of needless stress involved in holding off the sale of a home by pricing it too high.

After that showing, I drove over to another scheduled one at the condo I have listed at 422 S. Tennessee Place here in Mason City. The viewing went very well and in spite of the dark day, it showed just as if it were bright and sunny outdoors. The buyers asked all the right questions as well as taking their time to give it a good look-over which signaled a greater than passing interest. Every time potential buyers ask why it hasn’t sold, I tell them that I’ve found the main reason being the “absolute no pet” policy that particular association has which I think is a bit ridiculous. I’ve found over the years, that many people in certain age and income brackets, to be the ones who take better care of their pets than others do with their own children.

Some years ago, a gracious lady who’s now deceased, came up to me one day and whispered, “I’m getting a cat and that’s that.” I looked at her and said, “Knowing how well you take care of your townhouse, I’d be just like you and take my chances with the association.” She took her chances, got herself the most beautiful cat, and lived out her last years in the comforts of her townhouse along with her handsome kitty. As chance would have it, I ended up selling it out of her estate, and you can be sure there were no lingering smells or signs of a cat having been there. I’m mentioning this because there are too many times when we pigeon-hole people by the acts of a few.

My public open house at 1 Briarstone Court went very well considering the intermittent light rain we were getting along with all the number of garage sales that were going on today. All those in attendance were shocked at how big it appeared which was part of the reason I wanted to have it open to the public. What gave me even more of a boost, were no negative comments being made by those looking at it. Afterwards, I called the seller and gave her a good report on the turn-out. Hopefully after today, there’ll be more activity on it so we can get it sold soon.

There must’ve been a big drug bust at a home down in the 700 block of S. Washington this morning because there were numerous police cars along with the animal control vehicle on the street, and not a half hour later, there were a group of police cars parked in the first block of 24th St. SW. After seeing those two groups in such a short period of time, it made me wonder if there was some sort of city-wide operation going on with our drug enforcers. It was a coincidence seeing them, because I was just speaking to someone yesterday how all the more infected our community is getting with illegal use and distribution of drugs. Oh how I tire from seeing all those back-pack bikers zig-zagging their way to Heaven knows where. Now tell me from your soul. Do you truly believe they’re carrying books?

My last appointment of the day was to meet a couple at my office so to write an offer on a home they’d decided on buying only if they can come to terms on price. One of the positive things, is that they’re already pre-approved for a loan which should put the sellers a little more at ease. I had the purchase agreement signed, and then emailed it to the listing agent, so hopefully we’ll get an answer back soon.

Someone mentioned something today about having recently looked at a “for sale by owner”. It just happened to be a house that was recently purchased in a greatly distressed condition, and from the sounds of it, those wanna-be “flippers” just cleaned it up and put a little lipstick on that pig, and then called it good to show.

Tonight’s one-liner is: In the end, it will always cost you more when attempting to do something good.

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