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Another super-sultry day came and went, and you can believe I was staying out of it as much as possible.  While speaking with one of our teachers today, she mentioned how the students were acting up in a fashion as though we were in the midst of a full moon.  I did remind her that high humidity does have a negative effect on our younger crowd to where they’re more argumentative and unruly.

I finally got my office phone lines back up and running around mid-morning, and you can be sure I’m going to post some negative comments regarding my phone carrier’s customer service.  I’m still convinced all the bad reviews get deleted and the good ones kept to show corporate how “faux-well” they’re doing their jobs.

I did manage to get a sale put together this morning and hopefully it’ll all go thru as planned.  I believe both the buyers and sellers are happy with the agreed-to price, which is about all I could hope for.

I’ve noticed a number of listings coming on the market this week, which is telling me real estate sales are going to keep chugging along now that we’re officially on the threshold of Fall.  Can you believe Christmas is only three months and four days away?  We’d better enjoy all the this warm weather as much as we can because once we’re past November 1st, it’s anyone’s guess what the next week will bring.

When reading a little of the news, I noticed there being thousands of school children actively protesting climate change today.  I can’t help but agree that there’s got to be something drastically done to curb the carbon footprint we’re all making on this earth.  Several days ago I read that one of the climatologists had stated the ozone levels in our atmosphere are the lowest they’ve been in 30 years.  Most people have no clue how dangerous it will be for humanity if our protective ozone layer suddenly disappears.  It’s too scary to even think about.

Around mid-afternoon I met with a young man to sign a lease on a home he’ll be renting from one of my clients.  I couldn’t help teasing him about his handwriting, and especially since he happens to be a teacher.  We talked a little about how the dynamics of teaching has changed to where they don’t even teach cursive writing any longer.  I also mentioned something about a recent study regarding how much more creative people are who make a point of actually writing letters and journaling instead of using their computers.  I’m sure he must’ve thought me to be a bit of a dinosaur, but there will be a time when many will wish they had a few more cognitive skills.  We must never depend completely on machines, because if we do, we then become their slaves.

Several of my colleagues mentioned today how surprised they were when looking at the photos I took of 12 S. Willowgreen Court.  One of them even said, “If I had not known that was the unit, I would’ve never guessed it being the same.”  Yes, the owner has done a fine job of making that unit appealing.  I did find out today who built those cabinets, and they are, “White Oak Cabinetry” out of Rudd.  I understand their workshop and showroom is located on an acreage in the Rudd area.  It sounded like they’ve been in business for a long time which certainly says something about the quality of their work.

They’re forecasting rain again in the night, and I’m hoping that’s all there’ll be for the weekend because I really don’t want to see it raining while I’m hosting my public open house at 1 Briarstone Court.  That’s another one of my listings that’s been under the radar far too long.  What a great home!

An elderly client of mine stopped by to pick up some documents this afternoon, and while there, she mentioned the nightmare one of her friends is going thru with the eviction of a relative living in a home they so generously bought, just so they’d have a roof over their heads.  It sounded like they allowed those people to live there far too long because of the damage they’d done while living there.

I mentioned how even I’m growing all the more rigid with people who don’t follow thru with their promises, and that being just OK by me because it seems the more we turn the other cheek, the more it gives them license to get away with more.  For some reason, I’m thinking there are all the many of the like out there who think they’re entitled and not having to pull their own weight, and what really gets me, is seeing some of these strapping young men wandering shamelessly about in the Downtown with their cell phones in hand, yet not working.

Without a doubt, I do wish, as well as want the best for our City, but for some reason, I just don’t see ourselves doing a rapid about-face with our business culture because there’s too great a divide between those that have, and those that are financially struggling on a daily basis.  The middle class numbers are dwindling which means there’ll be fewer residents with disposable income who’ll patronize those businesses.  In my humble opinion, the demographic landscape of our City has to change for the better before we can truly say, “We’re back on track.”

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Somehow trees and plants always look like the people they live with–somehow.

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