1603 S. Hoover Ave.

Yes, our mornings are getting colder, but at least they warm up to near perfect temperatures once the sun starts making a run for it.  For the strangest reason, there was all the more traffic in and around our Downtown this morning, and the only thing I could think of, was there being more people getting prepared for our 3 day weekend.

After getting the office up and running, I went out to pick up the yard signs from the two homes I’d be closing on later.  As I was driving down Washington, I noticed an accident had happened, and it looked like someone was going east on State Street and didn’t notice that the stop sign was only a 2-way instead of a 4-way at that corner.  I felt really bad for the young man who was driving that car because I’m sure it was considered all his fault for pulling out in front of someone heading south on Washington.

As far as I’m concerned, the City and/or the DOT should’ve made it more clear on those 2-way signs that they were indeed only 2-way because but one block north, they’re 4-way which makes it very confusing if you’re not watching close enough.  It’s bad enough they’ve had Hwy 122 all tore up, but then to be messing around with those lights on Hwy 65.  It’s no wonder all the more elderly are spitting fire about how crazy the streets are in our Historic Downtown.  These past days I’ve been working really hard at staying away from those confusing detours.

My two closings this morning had soft landings which made me exceptionally happy, and since both of them closed out at First Citizen’s Bank, I didn’t have to race across town to another bank or closing agency. You may think me exaggerating when saying both sets of buyers did get very good homes at bargain prices, but if they take good care of their new homes, those homes in turn, will work all the harder for them for years to come.

With having stacked appointments today, I didn’t have time for lunch, but I did go over to Fareway to pick up a few things I needed for the office, and while there, I looked for something to snack on upon return.  Everything I looked at just didn’t hit me until I noticed they had my favorite blue corn chips that are made by “Late July”.  I walked out with a small jar of hot salsa, blue corn chips, and the supplies I went there for.

The highlight of my day was signing up my new listing located at 1603 S. Hoover Ave. here in Mason City.  Now if there’s anyone who’s been looking for a monster garage, a big yard, and a very quiet southwest-side location, this home is it, and especially after having it listed at the bargain-basement price of $93,500.

There are a great many updates and features offered which you normally wouldn’t find in this home’s price range.  It has a newer roof, newer siding, newer thermal windows, a monster heated garage with workshop, a fully fenced yard that’s a gardener’s dream, main floor laundry, huge master bedroom, all appliances included, and a loft bedroom which most male children would consider a much desired “boy cave”.

I’ve been fully familiar with that home’s location for many years, and I can assure you that’s a district all the more young buyers are gravitating towards because of the “country” feel it has, and when out in the yard, you’d swear you’re at nature’s doorstep.  The views to the west are stunning.

This is another listing I’m pretty sure won’t be on the market very long because of all the extras it offers, as well as being spotlessly clean and ready to move into.  I personally have a couple I’m working with who’d be a good fit for this one, but they have yet to get themselves pre-approved before making an offer on whatever they’ve chosen.  They’re making me a bit nervous because they’re dragging their feet on getting to a bank for preliminary pre-approval.

My last appointment of the day took me to a new listing that has some serious basement issues which was an immediate turn-off for the buyer.  After listening to the neighbors fighting next door, I’d say it quickly grew into a vehement “No”.  When most people buy, they take a good look at the homes next door, and whenever there’s even a “smell” of future “naughty neighbor” issues, they bolt.  It’s too bad our society is growing all the more “in your face” with their inter-personal family/friends dramas which all goes back to this “Look at me!” world we’re now stuck with.

The above photo is of just one small section of the beautiful lawn and flower gardens at 1603 S. Hoover Ave.  Click on the link to view this charmer.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  All architecture is great architecture after sunset; perhaps architecture is a nocturnal art, like the art of fireworks.

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1603 S. Hoover Ave – Mason City
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