“Big Blue” taking Flight

I’m beginning to wonder if all of that smoke that’s being generated from those forest fires in Siberia is creating this strange haze in our atmosphere.  We all know that the jet stream crosses over Russia, so just maybe we’re getting smoked by Siberia.

My early morning final walk-thru went well with the exception of the overhead garage doors having been disconnected from their door openers.  I asked the agent why they did  that and was told for security purposes.  I could think of many other ways to keep garage doors from going up instead of doing that.  Oh well, we did get them re-connected and back in operation.

I had a little conversation with the buyer after the closing regarding what he should do before moving any of his furniture in, and the big thing was that he get it fully cleaned and painted before he starts hauling.  Who wants to be cleaning and painting around boxes and furniture when you don’t have to?  I think it was more the excitement of getting into his new home and not thinking ahead.  Too many buyers have regretted their fast moves and then dealing with carting their stuff around while making cosmetic improvements.  I did get a little more vocal with him only because this is his first home, and I’m sure by the time he buys his next, he’ll be up to speed.

Several hours were spent preparing myself for a listing I’ll be getting once the tenants have vacated the premises.  The seller is exceptionally disappointed in them, and will be glad to have them out of her hair, and far out of sight.   I’m just hoping they get out when they say they’ll be and not leave a big mess because it’ll just make it all the uglier for everyone involved.

One of my colleagues happened to stop by today just to chat about our current market conditions.  One concern we both have, is how the real estate market in Clear Lake has spiked to the point of being in a fantasy world of value.

Of course I asked the question which nobody seems to have the answer for which was, “Barring the lakefront, how is it that Clear Lake’s market is so much higher than ours when we are in the same economic zone where the salaries, goods and services, and all the other “sames” that Mason City has?”  Couldn’t come up with the answer which didn’t surprise me.  The mantra “fake news” seems to be used quite often of late, and I think there’ll also be another one regarding Clear Lake’s market values as they continue their climb.

That time of year has arrived again where I’m fielding phone calls from people regarding their recent real estate tax bills.  Unfortunately I can’t do a thing about them and certainly they know that, so I guess I’m once again the sounding board of a growing frustration within our community.  I have been doing a little checking on my own regarding those that’ve gone up in value, as well as those that’ve gone done.  There were several that I really questioned because I personally know the districts they’re located in and their over-all condition.  I can’t help thinking there’s more guessing than analyzing that goes into placing an assessed value on real estate.

Yours truly is still diligently working on getting the sale of one of my listings to the closing table which has been a “problem child” from the time the purchase agreement was signed.  That’s all I’ve been doing is working on it, solving more problems, and attempting to keep peace between the buyers and sellers.  If and when it closes, it’ll be one of those I’ll place in my book of memories.

My late afternoon appointment took me to the acreage I finally got listed, and should have it out in the cyber universe tomorrow morning.  I think it’s priced right, has the land and buildings acreage lovers are looking for, and above all, it’s on a hard-surface road.  When you see the photos of it tomorrow, my all-time favorite structure on that place, is it’s vintage barn which we’re seeing all the fewer of in North Iowa.  For sure, if I lived there, that barn would be the talk of the township.

The above photo is one I consider to be at the top of random opportunities to get a good shot.  Can you believe I managed to take a photo of a blue heron taking flight?  There is something terribly majestic about those birds to where I make every attempt to get a photo of one, and I hope you enjoy as much as I do, this photo of a “big blue” taking flight.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  It’s not enough for us to restrain from doing evil, unless we shall also do good.

Joe Chodur

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