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I’d say it was definitely a busy “hump day” from the time I arrived at the office, and thank goodness the weather was pleasant because I was out more than I was in.

When walking out this morning, I couldn’t help noticing the line of seniors seated at the benches outside The Manor and chit-chatting amongst themselves.  There must’ve been a line of eight or ten of them just on that one side.

There is one old granny who seems to enjoying watching the happenings on North Federal because there are days when I see her seated there alone and staring down my way.  I’d say she’s likely in her 90’s considering the way she dresses and walks.  I never see anyone that would even come close to looking like her family, so I guess she has to busy herself by paying more attention to the street-walkers and business owners.

I have a closing tomorrow afternoon on one of my listings, so I paid the seller a visit and while there, picked up her keys so I could do my final walk-thru with the buyers this afternoon.  I was sad to hear that she’d fallen yesterday, but thankfully that’s all she did was bruise her arm.  What’s even more sad, is she’s now leery about going out by herself.

What I think has taken a bit of toll on her, were the weeks of working at getting a house cleaned out that’d been in her family for about 100 years or more.  After doing our last inspection of that home this afternoon, I’d say those generations of family took care of their home with a vengeance.  I’ve personally never seen a home of its age in as good condition.  One would almost think it was preserved in some sort of time capsule.

Tomorrow morning, I’m going over to that house to sketch its floor plan because of how balanced it is with room sizes, window placement, and ceiling height.  I told the buyers today that they really got one gem of a home, and I’m sure they’ll continue on with the nurturing of it these coming years.  It’s almost as if there was some sort of Divine Intervention with the coming together of an angel of a seller and two young buyers who are definitely of the “old school” mindset.

This afternoon I listed a beauty of a ranch out on our west side that’s located at 1 Briarstone Court which is one of the bigger ranches in that district.  It has over 1,900 square feet of living area just on the main floor, and a full basement that’s half finished.

The owner of the home has taken exceptionally good care of it, and I’d say there’d be nothing a person would have to do before moving in.  It’s main floor family room is a place where one can “cozy-up” in the dead of winter with a book while enjoying the warmth from its gas-log fireplace.

Since there’s an egress window in the basement, a person could add a 4th bedroom, and since there’s already a stool and sink down there, and a stub-in for a shower, that lower level would make a perfect area for guests.  Having a completely separate level with bedroom and bath, is what most families are now looking for because their grown children when visiting, are usually coming from great distances and staying longer.  Of course we can’t forget about the growing trend of extended families living together as well.

I was delighted when finding I was able to get that offer from yesterday put together, and I believe both the buyer and sellers are happy about the agreement they came to on price.  When the buyer arrived at my office this afternoon, he was beaming with joy over being able to purchase the home he’s fallen in love with.  As conscientious as he’s been while I was working with him, I’d say all the neighbors are going to love having him in their neighborhood.  He has an infectious smile that’s a natural.

One of my dear friends stopped by to talk about this business of people getting their DNA tested, and I couldn’t help but share a conversation I had with a gentleman earlier this week.  He said he’s staying as far away from them as possible, and certainly has no interest in “spitting” in the bottle.  Wicked me had to laugh when saying, “I hope you weren’t one of those guys who spilt some beer foam on some party girl and couldn’t get it all rubbed off.”  It certainly left him speechless for a moment.

Yes, it sounds like those DNA testing labs are becoming all the more sophisticated to where they can pin-point bloodlines which in the past would’ve been inconceivable.  I’m of the belief that the more answers one receives, the more questions that are raised.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  The most thought-provoking thing in our thought-provoking time, is that we’re still not thinking.

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