It was one of those busier mornings where I paid little or no attention to the world around me since I was set on a path of appointments from the time I arrived at the office.

My first little duty was to get a yard sign with a sold rider out of storage and take it to a home I recently sold that was another Realtor’s listing.  I got out to the house early enough to where there was little traffic and no neighbors outdoors.  I’m always thankful for that because I often get “button-holed” by a neighbor or two asking how much a house sold for and who their new neighbors are going to be.  Thank goodness it didn’t happen this morning because they usually don’t like it when I tell them I don’t announce a home’s selling price until after it’s closed, and then of course it becomes public record.

A little after 8:00 am I met the new buyer of a home for her final walk-thru before closing.  We were there longer than normal, but I wasn’t rushing her because that was the time to have her final look before signing her loan docs.

I couldn’t help reminding her that she did get a very good buy on that home because of where it’s located and the quality of construction along with recent improvements.  For sure, I’d say that buyer was fully deserving of getting a great home for a bargain price.   When walking thru it today, there’s no question in my mind that it would’ve been sold months ago if only the owner of it had moved out before listing it.

After I closed up, the buyer followed me out to the bank where the closing took place.  I couldn’t have thanked the loan officer enough for getting that loan pushed thru in less than three weeks.  I don’t think it could’ve been more streamlined, and for sure the buyer was thankful as well.

Just before we all left, I mentioned to the banker and the listing agent how the buyer had announced to me after she decided on making an offer on the home, “Knowing that your mother lived in this neighborhood made it all the more certain for me that this where I want to live.”  I think everyone was in shock when I said that, but the buyer laughed while saying, “Well it’s true because I spent a great number of hours with Joe and I’m sure his mother was just as particular as he is.”  It was a bit embarrassing for me, but still it was all good.

Around noontime I went out to do a walk-thru on a home I recently sold that’s getting cleared out by a seller.  I was shocked to see how much they’d done since the last time I was there, and for sure I’ll have to go over before it closes and sketch its floor plan because it’s one of the more delightful designs I’ve seen in a number of years.  I mentioned to someone not long ago that if I were to have a home built, I’d use that floor plan because of its design and window placement.  For a smaller home, it’s got an abundance of natural light filtering in from all directions.  Of course the big plus for me, are its sky-high ten foot tall ceilings.

When thinking about it, likely the reason I’m a push-over for tall ceilings, is that my grandmother’s home had ten foot ceilings and even though her home was smaller, it always “felt” big.  She also had a circle floor plan just as this particular home has.  It’s interesting how feelings of comfort in homes stick with a people nearly their entire lives.

A mid-afternoon appointment took me to 908 N. Pennsylvania which I still can’t understand why it’s not yet sold.  I know the drive-by is deceiving, but there’s a lot of bang for the buck with that one.  The buyer seemed somewhat interested, so we’ll see what comes of it.  Its big bonus is the large yard and good sized double garage off a paved alley.  Once a person has lived in a home with a paved alley instead of gravel, they normally never want to go back.  It’s sort of like never wanting to live on a gravel road when you can be on a hard surface.  You can be sure those that are car crazy, would never want their vehicles driving on rocks and dust.

My last appointment of the day was to show a home in a nearby community.  The buyers have a home to sell, and are now looking at upgrading.  I sold them their current one, and were definitely a delight to work with.  I wish they’d move to Mason City, but they still have mis-givings about living here.   Oh well, we can’t get all the good ones.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  The home is the chief school of human virtues.

Joe Chodur

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