Plain Jane

The light rain we had today certainly raised the humidity to uncomfortable levels to where I didn’t want to be out in it unless it was a necessity.  Hopefully the breezes we’re getting, and the sun now lower in the sky, both the temps and humidity will be dropping.

My early appointment this morning was to stop out and get a price reduction of the home I have listed at 215 – 3rd St. NW.  It’s now reduced to $26,000 and for sure that’s about as good a buy to be found in our market.

What most buyers don’t realize is that it’s had many recent updates including newer furnace and central air, some newer thermal windows, updated wiring, permanent siding, main floor laundry, and more.  Yes, there are cosmetics that a buyer would likely want to do, but all of that’s superficial.

I particularly like that home because of its open floor plan and abundant natural light filtering within, and in spite of it being close to the Downtown, because of the way in which it is situated on the lot, there are no close neighbors on two sides because it’s in the block where the prominent Brown Law Firm is located.  Now that’s a big plus when knowing you have a group of lawyers outside your back door.

Another possibility would be for someone to buy it and turn it into a small office or specialty shop.  It would even make a good place for a massage therapist since they’re becoming all the more popular.  Believe me, the possibilities are endless with that little gem.

I spent several hours doing some research on a property I was to do an inspection on later this afternoon.  Since it’s not the most standard of homes, there was all the more weighing of pros and cons.  At least I did manage to find what I needed which made it all the easier when doing my inspection.

Thank goodness I managed to get all my monthly accounting finished up today, and glad there we no errors to be corrected.  I think most wouldn’t be struggling with their accounts on a monthly basis if they’d just pay attention to what they’re doing at the time.  Being careful in the beginning makes for less time stress and time spent at the end of the month.

The owner of Benish Studios called yesterday to tell me the print I gave him to restore was finished, so I drove up there and picked it up.  It cost more to fix than I’d expected, but he did do a very good job on it.  On the bill he noted that it was “Renoir’s Garden”.  Since I’m not a fan of impressionism, I had no idea who the artist was.

I did call the gentleman I promised it to and he came to the office today to pick it up.  I told him the only reason I had that print fixed was that I didn’t want the set of those three prints broken up.  I’m sure there’s a wall in his home that’ll fit them perfectly.  I also mentioned how it’s much better to have custom created frames, good matting, and attractive prints that are used, instead of going out and buying something at a home decorating store that already has thousands of the same floating all over the world.

One of my dear ones called today to see how all has been on my side of the fence and certainly glad she did because she was feeling a bit down regarding her chronic health problems.  I believe I cheered her up enough when reminding her how loving and caring she’s been all her life considering the pain and suffering she’s had to endure.

Since I’ve known her family for a number of years, I fully remember some of the unfortunate happenings that took place.  The one that was the most horrible, was the involvement of others in the affairs of her grandmother who fully intended on leaving her entire estate to her, but due to the evil conniving of non-blood relatives, they managed to get her grandmother to change her will shortly before she died. I did remind my dear one that there’ll be a huge price for them to pay more sooner than later, because death does come to us all.   Before I hung up the phone, I paid another compliment to her for having the ability to see, hear, and understand much, yet leaving the general public to think she’s just another, “Plain Jane”.  Unfortunately the mode of our times is to listen to loud-mouthed people filled with mindless vulgarities.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Wicked thoughts and worthless efforts gradually set their mark on the face, and especially the eyes.

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