Slide of Memory

Perhaps just maybe, it’s going to warm up and stay there from here on out, and if the clouds had stayed away, I’d say it would’ve been a near perfect day.  Let’s hope our entire Memorial Day weekend’s weather will be at its best.  And to think we’re a little less than a month away from the sun starting its journey south again.  When saying this, I think we can all agree that we are in the midst of climate change.

Two separate people I ran into today, mentioned how disappointing the Band Festival has been these recent years, and every year getting all the weaker.  Unfortunately, times are changing and those who continue insisting that all is well in River City regarding this whole business of The Music Man, Meredith Wilson, and marching bands, are in complete and utter denial.

Last year, was the first time in years where I stood and watched the parade from beginning to end, and you can bet I sadly noticed a huge change.  As much as we all want to hang onto traditions, we must also be realistic, and then work at creating other avenues of entertainment/celebrations.

If there’s one particular factor that’s having an effect on our Band Festival celebration, it’s been the recent addition of Tree Town festivities in Forest City which just so happens to be held on the same weekend, so if we don’t have something that will counter-balance that recent attraction for North Iowa’s young crowd, things are not going to get any better for the Band Festival.

Earlier this morning I felt compelled to call an elderly woman whom I’ve known for a number of years, so I went looking for her number and gave her a call.  When she answered, she seemed surprised that I was calling, and likely so because in years past, she was always the one calling me every month or so.

We talked about recent happenings, and things that’ve taken place since we last spoke, but for the strangest reason, I kept having this weird “feeling” she was uncomfortable talking to me, so I cut it short and bid her farewell.

Moments after I hung up, I suddenly became angry with myself for even bothering to call her, but after thinking about it all, I believe it was a call that was meant to be placed, because several times during our conversation, she was telling me things that were completely wrong which she should’ve remembered otherwise.  I challenged her once on something she said, and after realizing I was right, she said, “Oh, I don’t know where I got that, so I’ll have to try and remember who it was that told me.”  Yes, I think she’s on a downward slide of memory loss, and it makes me sad.

It continues to shock me when hearing how many people there are who suffer from the onslaught of dementia, and above all, how young some of them are due to their excessive alcohol consumption.  When remembering how little that woman works at keeping her mind active, it’s no wonder she’s beginning to get quirky.  Now that I’m pretty sure she’s on her way, I don’t feel the least bit bad about how “different” she was with me while on the phone.  Another oddity was her not having anything humorous to say which was always her way of keeping a conversation peppered.  Oh well, from now on, I’ll work at remembering how she was, rather than how she now is.

Late this afternoon I went over and listed a home that I’ve been waiting for the sellers to call and tell me they’re ready.  I spent an extra amount of time making notes, taking photos, and familiarizing myself with the whole package because it truly is a fine historic home that’s move-in ready.  After walking back thru it for the last time before leaving, I said to the seller, “Your home has an essence of stately comfort, and because most large homes have few if any corners of comfort, yours is a welcome exception.”  Be sure to check online tomorrow at the new listings and see for yourself what I’m speaking about.

Alas one of those contractors called today to tell me he’s going to start working on a project I’ve been waiting on for over six months.  I’ll remain hopeful he does an even better job on it considering how long I’ve been patiently waiting.  If my having said to him, “Talk is cheap, and actions speak.” had any effect on him, I’ll be using that phrase all the more on the “tardies”.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Human memory is short and terribly fickle.

Joe Chodur

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