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For whatever reason, the hours of my morning happened to fly by with all the little chores I had to attend to before my public open house started.¬† Thank goodness¬† my schedule wasn’t hard and fast because one of my old clients called and asked if I would have time to help him with my pair of hands.¬† Since I wasn’t in the middle of something, I told him I’d be right over.

I have absolutely no clue how he would’ve managed to get something moved without help because it was way too heavy for even the strongest, and near the point of being too heavy for the two of us.¬† We got it moved and in place and all the thankful it didn’t slip out of our hands and fall on one or both of us.¬† I have absolutely no problem helping those whom I know would do similarly for me as well as others.¬† My experience this morning was yet one more reminder that if we can’t freely and willingly help those in need, then it’s time to throw us all back up into the trees from which we dropped.

When I got back to the office, I discovered “Oak Leaf Collectables” was having their annual event where they close off the entire block in front my office and have people dressed like some of the characters out of comic books.¬† There was Spider Man, several from X-Men, along with a few from Star Wars including Dart Vader.

They had games, several street vendors, and one of those air-filled cages where children could go and bounce themselves silly.  By the way they were dressed, there was also a group of people who appeared to be promoting some sort of medieval role-playing.

Oh Mercy!¬† I couldn’t believe the number of people in attendance along with the way they were dressed.¬† I’m hoping what I witnessed today, isn’t a preview of what we’ll be seeing this coming summer.¬† The exceptionally close-fitting attire and over-abundance of tattoos was quite an eyeful.¬† Almost always, when one of the fathers of those children would stoop down to pick up his tyke,¬† a raw and overly-exposed bottom was provided for all to see.¬† More than once I said to myself, “Just remember Mr. Chodur, Gott loves us all great and small.”

Since I had my camera with me, I snapped about a half dozen, and the above shot is but one I thought worthy enough for you to get a mental visual of what was taking place out on the street in front of my office.  For a while there, it appeared as if an invasion of comic books characters was upon us.

My public open house at 341 S. Carolina was a great success to where there were at least eleven couples in attendance.¬† Two of those couples were showing great interest, and as suspected, I didn’t get out of there until at least 20 minutes past the hour.

One of the couples I spent extra time with, were exceptionally delightful to where I’m actually in hopes they’re the ones who’ll end up purchasing that wonderful home.¬† Everyone was all the more “wowed” by the size of the rear yard, along with how meticulously maintained it was.¬† Since I had more time to spend with those interested, I pointed out all the more extra features one normally doesn’t find in homes of that age and size.

After getting all my real estate chores finished, I decided to take in a religious Service at one of our City’s churches.¬† I’ve darkened their doors before, and once again shocked by how sterile it now appears due to the new form of lighting they’re now using. Whomever made the choice to install such bright and extra-white lighting in that church, needs to get a fast-track education on recommended lighting for places of worship.¬† It made me a bit sad when thinking they’re unknowingly driving members away in a weak effort to same money on their electrical bills.¬† I only hope one of their “powers that be” never asks me what I now think of their house of worship.

Before heading home, I stopped at the grocery store and ended up being there longer than expected due to my running into several wickedly clever people I’ve known for some years.¬† I gave them something to remember when leaving by saying, “Don’t change your ways because I’m finding all the more zombies being created in our midst, and that’s not a good thing because if we can’t find something to get a few belly-laughs out of, we’re all going to be in sorry shapes.”

Tonight’s one-liner is:¬† The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.

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