Lucie the Goosie

For it being May 1st, I couldn’t believe how cold it was outdoors this morning.  The rain we received yesterday made the air all the more damp to where I wished I’d dressed warmer. Let’s hope it’s not going to be raining this weekend because we’ve got some serious mowing to do.

My agent Brandon Neve, listed a home yesterday that should sell relatively quickly because of all the features it offers.  It’s located at 907 N. Jefferson Ave. here in Mason City which is in a district where all those picturesque brick homes are located.   When I walked thru it, I came to the conclusion that if there’s anyone looking for a four bedroom home, a big yard, and a 3 car garage, it’ll be sold before the week is out because it’s at a bargain price of just under $110K.

As chance would have it, I’m working with a couple who’ve been looking for something like that, so I called and made an appointment to show it to them tomorrow afternoon. If there’s something they don’t like about it, I’d say they’ve changed their “want list” in a home since their last viewing.

There was a noontime luncheon meeting for the Realtors at the Chamber of Commerce building which I decided to attend.  I arrived just a few minutes after they started, and to my surprise, there was an exceptionally long line of people standing and waiting to be served in a buffet style.  By the looks of it, I was the last in that very slow line which compelled me to go over to a table and visit with several delightful colleagues.

The catering was being provided by “Mr. Taco” which has a lunch stall in Southbridge Mall.  I’ve heard people rave about their food, but I’ve personally never found it that good, and likely because I’ve been spoiled with stellar Mexican food over the years.  Both times I went to their lunch stall since they opened up shop there, I was not impressed with their food and all the more disappointed with their prices.

I think Montezuma’s revenge fell on me today because it was well over a half hour wait in that line to where I actually had to leave when knowing I wouldn’t have been able to eat and make it to my next appointment.  For sure there were those who arrived first that had already finished eating before those last in line were even served.  That’s the second time I’ve paid for something made by “Mr. Taco” and never ate, simply because I couldn’t wait any longer.  My third visit to their lunch stall was so long in the waiting after I’d already paid, that I had to leave on appointment, and yet one more time today.  Oh well, I’m sure it would’ve been a culinary repeat of my last disappointment.

Thus far, I’d say “Taco Tico” has the best Mexican food for the money in Mason City.  I’d be eating there often if they weren’t so far out on the west side of our City.  I’ve told the owner many times that if he’d open one up in our Downtown, he’d be doing a very good business.  I stopped telling him that after his last comment being, “I’ll never have a lunch counter Downtown.”  The use of “never” is a pretty strong absolute.  Oh well, what do we the patrons of all these lunch counters and restaurants know?

The owner of “Sportsman’s” announced to me several weeks ago that he sold his bar/billiard parlor to one of his patrons.  I felt bad for him because that business has been in his family for a number of years.  Just yesterday I happened to run into the new owner while he was outside watching an electrician install new lighting.  I introduced myself along with welcoming him to the “block”.  I also discovered he’s doing some remodeling and will be re-opening with a new name come the 1st of June.  It sounds like he’s going to be focusing all the more on billiards.  For sure he’s re-arranging the tables and possibly the bar because there just isn’t that much room in there for pool tables. Irregardless, I’m wishing the absolute best for my new neighbor.

My last showing of the day was at 741 – 10th St. NE here in Mason City which is my listing that’s just down the street from our swimming pool.  Since it’s been reduced, we’re getting more showings on it, and with Spring having arrived, there should be all the more families wanting to get closer to the pool and East Park.  That neighborhood has always been popular with the young families.

The above photo is of one of two geese that seem to be hanging about of late.  I’m beginning to think they’re looking for a place to nest, yet they should’ve already started by now.  The one pictured, is the boldest of the two which compelled me to name her, Lucie the Goosie”.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Both oligarch and tyrant mistrust the people, and therefore deprive them of their arms.

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