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With having an out of town appointment, I was a bit rushed to get to the office and pick up what I needed before heading out.   For some reason, there were more people early on the road to where I was wondering if there was something going on in our area that I didn’t know about.  That 45 minute drive was actually quite pleasant once the cloud cover opened, but oh mercy, that wind started up again.  I often wonder how some of those people who’re living out on the tops of those hills, can stand that wind blowing nearly all the time.

About seven years ago I had an acreage listed on one of those hills in the Joice area, and one winter day, I got a call to run up and meet a buyer wanting to see it.  The snow was coming down lightly with the wind barely gusting here in Mason City, but when I got on that east-west blacktop north of Joice, I felt as though I was in Siberia with the snow blowing so hard, I actually had one heck of a time trying to see where I was going because it was that bad.  Those hills may not look so tall from a distance, but when you’re driving up and down them, they’re pretty substantial.  No wonder they have so many wind turbines in and around that area.

When out at that acreage on a more pleasant day, I decided to walk up to the top of the hill behind its building site.  What a great view of Rice Lake and the town of Lake Mills, but again, once I was at the top, the wind was blowing markedly stronger.  I’m sure many of the people living on those acreages look out for each other more than they do in the city, because if something terrible would happen, it would take quite a while for emergency services to get there–especially during a winter storm.

Before I headed home, I took the long way back and drove down the main street of Garner.  What surprised me, was seeing all the cars parked in front of shops.  Keep in mind, it was only about 10:30 on a Saturday morning.  While driving back to Mason City, I kept wondering why Garner’s main street is busy when knowing their population is only about 1,200 which is small in comparison to Mason City’s.  There’s something we’re doing wrong because we should be considered the “hub” of North Central Iowa.  I also noticed they’re building a relatively large medical clinic on Hwy 122 near its intersection with Hwy 69 south.

I’m starting to think our State and Local governments need to begin offering some sort of incentives for business to open up shop here.  Perhaps smaller communities like Garner don’t have all that extra red tape to deal with like I’ve heard some have had to endure here in our City. Sometimes I think there are those in government positions who work at making things difficult simply because they have to justify their bloated paychecks.

Several days ago I read several disturbing articles in the online newspapers of BBC and Spiegel regarding Putin’s surge in undermining the governments of Europe.  Most here in the United States have no idea how he and his cronies are funding the political fires of white supremacists and alt-right movements in Great Britain, Germany, Austria, and nearly every other European country. Unless those in our younger crowd are historians, they’re unaware how the old Soviet Union used to openly fund the promotion of Communist ideals, and now they’re back at it only in more cloaked and digitalized manners.  From what I’ve read, the Russian government’s main goal is to weaken the Democratic fibre in every nation and subsequently exploit.

It seems all the more of our older crowd continue telling me how they’ve never seen such a divided Nation as it is in our times.  I couldn’t help but agree, because I’m personally seeing tribalism growing in nearly every facet of our lives.  We see it in government, religion, occupations, and even age groups.  It appears that if we disagree on one point with another, we’re branded as being outsiders.  If there’s on idea I could get up in front of a crowd and speak about, is the polarization of groups because most don’t step back far enough to look at what’s really going on because they’re too busy keeping their own gerbil mills turning.

Please don’t forget about my public open house at 341 S. Carolina tomorrow afternoon which I’ll have open from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm.  We’re getting all the more showings on it now, so perhaps the new owners will arrive for their first look tomorrow.  I’m hoping it’ll be sunny and pleasant outside because its rear yard is fabulous.  Of course the home offers just about every feature you’d ever want in an Arts and Crafts home along with being spotlessly clean and maintenance free.

The above photo is one I took this morning while driving back from my appointment.  I never realized West Prairie Lutheran Church even existed.  It’s no wonder because it’s on a gravel road a few miles north and west of Leland.  By the looks of the outside, I’d say its members take very good care of it, and while investigating the headstones in the graveyard next to the church, nearly all the last names were Nordic.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  You must accept the truth from whatever source it comes.

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