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It was quite the stormy night we had with the rain, hail, and wind that seemed to be in a non-stop mode.  When later today seeing the amount of damage that was done across North Iowa, I’m saying my prayers this is not going to be a repeat performance of last year’s brutal storms.  Of course our big trees are again taking a beating from those strong winds.  As much as I’ve always liked tall and stately old trees, I’m beginning to grow fearful of them coming down when those straight-liners start blowing.

Most of my morning was spent preparing for a closing that’s coming up next Monday.  Whenever we have out of State sellers, all the more time is needed to get transfer documents sent out and mailed back because copies are not acceptable.  I’m confident all the docs we need will have arrived before Monday morning.

That particular home sold before our Spring market’s “feeding frenzy” began, and when looking back, I’d say that if I had a dozen homes on the market just like it, they’d all be sold.  I did mention to several people today how crazy some buyers are getting to where they’re going overboard and paying too much for what they’re buying.  I only hope we don’t have another financial crisis like what happened back in 2008, because if that happens, there’ll be another unfortunate flood of foreclosures.

Please don’t make me out as one who’s expecting bad things to happen when saying that if our property taxes continue to go up along with the costs of goods and services, there’ll be all the more homeowners who’ll be struggling at making ends meet.  I’m sure many of you are squealing over the recent notices received from our City Assessor’s office because as most already know, higher assessments create higher real estate taxes.  It’s no wonder we’re seeing all the more deferred maintenance on homes, and especially in our blue collar districts because they likely can’t save enough to make those needed repairs. Of course we can also blame the rental barons for not making much needed improvements on their own properties until they’re in state of dilapidation.

There’s no question in my mind that we need to merge the offices of the County Assessor with the City Assessor.  Too much over-lapping takes place which is a waste of our tax dollars.  I believe that if they would decide to merge them, there should also be a recommendation that both assessor positions be eliminated which would give our County an opportunity to hire someone from an entirely different area of our State. When knowing they hire third party companies to do their county and city-wide assessments, those positions do not warrant the salaries that are currently being paid.  I could go on for hours about the evils of meritocracy in today’s world which is helping to destroy our middle class which has always been the backbone of our Country.

The above photo is of the home I listed today that’s located at 908 N. Pennsylvania here in Mason City.  It’s modestly priced at $42,500 which should be right in the ballpark of a young first-timer’s buying range.  It’s an older home that’s been added onto several times over the years which was a normal thing to do back when families began to grow.  The owner has kept up on many of the big ticket items over the years which is why the furnace is only a few years old, the siding is permanent, the roof looks good, and the kitchen and bath are functional, but the real plus is there being a 1st floor laundry area.  There is a small basement area where the furnace and water heater is located, and also being a safe haven during a nasty storm.

I was shocked when seeing how large its lot size is, as well as there being a very useable two car garage that enters off a paved alley that’s always been maintained.  There’s also an attic storage area in the garage which is easily accessible.  If I owned that home, I’d plant some fast growing arborvitaes along the lot lines which would create a wonderfully private rear yard.

Since it’s priced so low, I’m hoping an owner-occupant buys it instead of someone purchasing it as a rental because I’ve always had a soft spot for that particular subdivision.  Believe it or not, there are a number of City employees living nearby.  That particular district used to be where many of the doctors, lawyers and business owners lived before they opened up those new mid-century subdivisions back in the 1950’s.  Be sure to tell everyone you know about it because it’ll make a great place to begin on one’s trail of homeownership.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

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908 N Pennsylvania Ave Mason City
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