Exceptionally Vituperative

When I pulled up at my office this morning, I noticed quite a bit of trash littering the curbsides, so I figured it was going to be another one of my “pick-up” mornings.  Just yesterday, I spent over a half hour collecting trash in another Downtown block which ended up being so much,  that I had to go and get a trash bag to contain it all.  This morning’s wasn’t as much, but enough to fill a plastic grocery bag.

It never ceases to amaze me how careless people can be in regards to keeping our City streets and sidewalks clear of debris.  I’m not sure if it’s a combination of laziness, disregard, or just being downright spiteful.  I understand the concept of Earth Day, but to set aside one day a year to go around picking up trash doesn’t cut it with me because it’s an on-going effort.

At appropriate times, I’ve shared an experience I had about five years ago while at my office.  On that un-eventful afternoon, I was seated at the front desk doing some computer work and in the corner of my eye, I happened to notice out on the street,  a red sedan slowing driving in a southward direction.  I wouldn’t have paid any attention other than having noticed how slowly that person was driving, and then seeing the driver’s side door slightly open.  I was shocked when seeing a heavy-set younger woman shoveling empty fast food containers out onto the street.  I got up and went toward the window to get a better view, and sure enough, she’d littered up nearly a half block before she slammed her door and sped off.

Some have asked me, “Why didn’t you call it in?”  Well, I will likely do it the next time, but I was in such a state of shock that I didn’t even think of it.  That was a classic example of disregard and laziness.  To this day, I continue to wonder what that woman’s car and living quarters must look like.  For sure she’s not changed her ways unless she did end up getting charged with littering, but for sure her house or apartment must be a fright.  It certainly makes a person wonder what type of living environment littering adults must’ve had while growing up.

Just this afternoon when glancing out the front window of my office, I noticed a shirtless “backpacker” throwing something to the wind as he briskly walked down the parking lot across the street.  I’ve noticed how some of those chronic litterers toss their cigarette butts or candy wrappers with such flair as if they’re making some sort of statement to our natural world.  It makes me wonder if they’re saying something in their minds like, “This is what I think of you Mother Nature!”  Perhaps some day they’ll more sooner than later learn that we’re all dutifully responsible for keeping America beautiful.

Thank goodness the temps got above 65 degrees, and if it were not for the strong wind, I’d say it was a perfect Spring day.  It looks like we’re going to get another taste of winter with the coming of rain and possibly snow beginning late tomorrow.  I’m only hoping it’ll all be over before my public open house on Sunday which I’ll be hosting at 341 S. Carolina, where just this afternoon I placed my open house sign rider on my yard sign along with setting up my open house tent sign.  I did it early enough so to make sure the general public will see that it’ll be open this coming Sunday afternoon.

It looks like Lent is soon to be over with Easter less than two weeks away.  I’ll have to say I’ve been pretty good at keeping those few Lenten promises I made to myself.  About a week ago I was certainly put to the test when wanting so badly to say something to a person who’s been exceptionally vituperative over me these recent years, and to this day I have idea what I did to provoke such behavior.  But in spite of my so much wanting to lash back, I remained reticent.  Even after Lent is over, I’ll continue to work at remaining silent with those who seem to actively look for something they can use to tear others down.  There are some adults who’re like naughty children where if they can’t get attention in a good way, they’ll certainly work all the harder to get it in a bad.

The remainder of my day was spent setting appointments, getting my recents sales placed in their closing files, and showing several homes in Mason City and Clear Lake. For sure it was a wonderful afternoon to be in the great outdoors of North Iowa.  Let’s all the more start enjoying these beautiful days because each one of them are well deserved considering the winter we recently had to endure.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Each year one vicious habit discarded, in time might make the worst of us good.

Joe Chodur

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