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I certainly wasn’t a happy camper when finding it sprinkling rain this morning because I so much wanted the weather to be pleasant for my public open house on Prairie Place on 1st.   Since there wasn’t much I could do outdoors, I focused on keeping busy with correspondence and preparations for the coming week.

As noontime was approaching, I gathered up my open house handouts and drove over to the complex early enough so I didn’t have to rush at getting all the doors unlocked and lights turned on in the last of those units remaining.  Thank goodness I went early enough because it wasn’t long after, some of the residents started arriving back from The Good Shepherd’s Sunday dinner which allowed me time to visit with them. Since I hadn’t seen a number of them for some time, it was great having time for a good chat before the general public started to arrive.

They once again confirmed how much they enjoy living there, along with how worry-free their lives are now without having to deal with all the problems that seem to never end when owning a home.  You can rest assured, they’re all very thankful for living there during those beastly winter months we just shook free.

I was humbled again by one of those dear ones who mentioned how much she likes reading these daily journal pages along with the photos I post.  I was asked if I could take several new photos of the building and email them so they can get some cards printed for mailing.  If we have a nice day, I’ll be sure to go over and take a few and then get them forwarded.

To my delight, there were more people in attendance than I was expecting, and thank goodness they didn’t all come at once because I’ve had that happen before and it wasn’t fun.   Several of those interested stayed longer so to get more familiarized with the fees and services offered.

One of the people in attendance, just so happened to a woman who’s been looking at those units for months but can’t seem to make up her mind.   She’s been living out at the Village Co-op, and in spite of being fully aware that their monthly dues are staggeringly higher, she still continues to live there.  I think I finally got thru to her that even though those residents don’t pay real estate taxes, the difference in monthly fees is much greater, and I made sure she realized how much more she’s paying there than if she were living a Prairie Place.  She also mentioned how much better in quality Prairie Place is in comparison to the Village Co-op.  I think she finally got the whole picture after I visited with her today, so either she’s going to move forward with Prairie Place, or continue shelling out all the more bucks where she’s at.

I had to keep still when she said how much more convenient The Village’s location is, but I know for sure that it’s not because of the extra driving that’s required, and especially when you consider how nasty the traffic is out on our west side.  I’d much rather drive slower in less traffic than faster in all the more, and you can be sure it’s not fun being on Hwy 122 during certain hours of the day–especially when almost always getting caught by all those un-sycronized traffic lights.

All in all, I’d say today’s public open house at Prairie Place was a great success, and I’ll not be surprised if one and possibly even two, get sold in the very near future.  Thank goodness I scheduled a later appointment for 3:45 because that’s about the time I pulled up at my office, and being there only about two minutes before my customer arrived.

Thank goodness I finally got a sale put together that I’ve been working on for well over two weeks.  Before she signed the purchase agreement I asked, “Are you OK with buying it now?”  Without hesitation she gave me the nod to move forward, so that’s just what I did.  When looking back at all the homes I showed her,  I’d say she made a good choice.  I’ll not forget the first group we looked at back when it was terribly cold, windy, and lots of snow on the ground.  Isn’t it funny how quickly we forget about those nasty months?

Before we finished up, I said to her, “Please don’t think I’m being an over-bearing Mother Hen, because I’m just wanting to make sure you’re up to speed and keeping all bases covered.”  Since I’ve known her family for many years, she laughed and said, “Don’t you worry yourself because I’ve known how Mr. Joe Chodur works for a very long time.”  After a moment’s thought,  I took her answer as a well-deserved compliment.  I guess she still remembers what I was like back when I sold her a charming little estate bungalow all the way back when she was a first-time buyer about 25 years ago.  My how time flies.

The above photo is one I took which speaks of our beloved North Iowa being on the cusp of its transition from Winter to Spring.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Action cures fear, but on the other hand, indecision continues to fertilize it.

Joe Chodur

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